Toyota Kijang

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Toyota Kijang
Toyota Kijang Innova
Manufacturer Toyota Astra Motor, Indonesia
Also called Toyota Tamaraw FX/Revo (in the Philippines)
Toyota Z-Ace (in Taiwan and Vietnam)
Toyota Unser (in Malaysia)
Toyota Qualis (in India)
Toyota Condor (in Africa)
Toyota Venture
Production 1977 - current
Successor Toyota Kijang Innova
Body style pickup, Minibus, MPV
Platform F-series
Engine Gasoline, Diesel
Transmission Manual and Automatic
Similar Isuzu Panther
Mitsubishi Kuda

The Toyota Kijang is a pick-up or minibus sold in Indonesia and Brunei, made by Toyota. "Kijang" means deer in Indonesian. Kijang was first introduced in Indonesia in 1977 and it has become the most popular car in the country ever since. This car is also sold in other countries, and is known as Toyota Tamaraw FX in the Philippines, Toyota Unser in Malaysia, Toyota Zace in Taiwan,Toyota Qualis and Innova in India and Nepal, and Toyota Condor in South Africa.

It is relatively affordable in the markets where sold when compared to four-wheel drive vehicles (the Kijang is a two-wheel drive) and features high seating capacity, large clearance and rugged suspension, popular features in an area with generally poor road quality and large extended families.

In Indonesia, typically the whole extended family climbs in before even short trips, just for the adventure, as opposed to true car-pooling. The family Kijang is treated with love and many get professional detailing every month. Depending on a person's size, the vehicle can carry as many as 9-15 passengers, since many of the countries the Kijang is sold in do not require safety belt usage.


[edit] 1st Generation (1977-1980)

The prototype was displayed at 1975 Jakarta Fair Show, and production began in 1977. The first Kijang is a boxy little pick-up truck powered by 1.2 liter 3K engine matched to 4 speed manual transmission. The pick-up with rear body and roof was also produced. The Kijang Minibus was built by local body maker.

[edit] 2nd Generation (1981-1986)

The 20-series Kijang retained its boxy style although the body panels are different. Under its slimmer hood is 1.3 liter 4K engine, and for 1986 was replaced by 1.5 liter.

[edit] 3rd Generation (1987-1996)

A late 1990s model Kijang KF42 in Indonesia.
A late 1990s model Kijang KF42 in Indonesia.

Introduced in late 1986, the Kijang was offered as short wheelbase (40-series) and long wheelbase (50-series). The Standard Kijang has 4 speed manual transmission, and the Super Kijang has 5 speed and better equipped interior. New for this generation was Full Pressed Body Minibus built by body makers appointed by Toyota. It was derived from the 1984 Toyota Hilux.

Minor change was given in 1992. The Minibus now has right side rear door and adopted new name Toyota Original Body instead of Full Pressed Body. Trim levels for Minibus are Standard, Deluxe, and Grand Extra. The new grille and 1.8 liter 7K engine were new in 1994.

This car was sold in India under the name of Toyota Qualis. The Qualis is based on the third generation model, but comes with the newer fourth generation nose.

[edit] 4th Generation (1997-2004)

The new Kijang was more powerful and more refined than its predecessors. The Pick-up is coded 60-series. The Minibus, often known as Kijang Capsule is 70-series (short wheelbase), or 80-series (long wheelbase). Engine is either 1.8 liter gasoline, or 2.4 liter diesel. The Pick-up is offered with Standard Deck and Flat Deck. Trim levels for Minibus are SX, SSX, SGX (short), LX, LSX, LGX, and Krista (long). The short wheelbase sporty Rangga was offered for a short time. In the year 2000, the Kijang got new front end. The 2.0 liter engine was offered in the LGX and Krista models. Another minor change was given in 2002 with new grille, rear garnish, and some small changes with its features.

[edit] 5th Generation (2003-Present)

Main Article: Toyota Kijang Innova

In the year 2003, Toyota launched the new Kijang. This all new Kijang is called Toyota Kijang Innova. Innova is a MPV powered by either 2.0 liter 1TR-FE VVT-i Gasoline, 2.7 liter 2TR-FE VVT-i Gasoline, or 2.5 liter 2KD-FTV D4-D Common Rail Diesel. It's part of Toyota's IMV program and share the same platform with Hilux Vigo pickup truck and Fortuner SUV.
The Innova MPV is also sold in India (where it's known as an MUV), Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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