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This is a chronological list of inventions.

Note: Dates for inventions are often controversial. Inventions are often invented by several inventors around the same time, or may be invented in an impractical form many years before another inventor improves the invention into a practical form. Where there is ambiguity, the date of the first working version of the invention is used here.


[edit] Paleolithic Era

[edit] 10th millennium BC

[edit] 9th millennium BC

[edit] 8th millennium BC

[edit] 7th millennium BC

[edit] 6th millennium BC

[edit] 5th millennium BC

[edit] 4th millennium BC

[edit] 3rd millennium BC

[edit] 2nd millennium BC

[edit] 1st millennium BC

[edit] 1st millennium

[edit] 2nd millennium

[edit] 11th century

[edit] 12th century

[edit] 13th century

[edit] 14th century

[edit] 15th century

[edit] 16th century

[edit] 17th century

[edit] 18th century

[edit] 19th century

[edit] 1800s

[edit] 1810s

[edit] 1820s

[edit] 1830s

[edit] 1840s

[edit] 1850s

[edit] 1860s

[edit] 1870s

[edit] 1880s

[edit] 1890s

[edit] 20th century

[edit] 1900s

[edit] 1910s

[edit] 1920s

[edit] 1930s

[edit] 1940s

[edit] 1950s

[edit] 1960s

[edit] 1970s

[edit] 1980s

[edit] 1990s

[edit] 3rd millennium

[edit] 21st century

[edit] 2000s

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