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Thomas DiLorenzo
Thomas DiLorenzo

Thomas J. DiLorenzo (born 1954) is an American economics professor at Loyola College in Maryland. He is an adherent of the Austrian School of Economics. He is a senior faculty member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and an affiliated scholar of the League of the South Institute, the research arm of the League of the South and the Abbeville Institute.[1]

DiLorenzo has authored at least ten books, including The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War, How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country, From the Pilgrims to the Present, and Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed To Know about Dishonest Abe. DiLorenzo has spoken out in favor of the formation of the Confederate States of America, claiming that the South had the right to secede, a view similar to abolitionist Lysander Spooner.[2] He has also criticized the crediting of the New Deal for ending the Great Depression.[3]

DiLorenzo lectures widely, and is a frequent speaker at Mises Institute events.

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