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Soundarya (July 17, 1971 - April 17, 2004) was a film actress in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam films. She had a successful career of 12 years as heroine in films until her death in a plane crash near Bangalore. She acted in more than 100 films.

She was born Soumya in Bangalore. Her father Satyanarayana was a producer and director in Kannada films. Soumya acted in her first film while she was at high school. She was offered a role in the film Gandharva (1992) by her father's friend, while she was studying in her first year of MBBS. She discontinued her studies after the film became successful.

She moved onto Telugu films where she achieved popularity and success. She has also acted in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and one Hindi film Sooryavansham opposite Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

She also produced and acted in a Kannada film Dweepa, with Girish Kasaravalli as director. The film won host of National awards including Swarna Kamal (Golden Lotus) given for best film of the year and the Best Actress award for Soundarya. It also won Karnataka state awards for Best Actress, Best Film and Best Cinematography and was featured in five international film festivals. Soundarya died on April 17, 2004 when the four-seater plane Cessna 180 caught fire immediately after take off. She was on her way to Andhra Pradesh to campaign for Bharatiya Janata Party for the elections. Her brother, Amarnath, a producer of Kannada films, also died in the accident. Her last film was the immensely successful Kannada film, Aaptamitra.


[edit] Film career

She was one of the last Telugu actresses who had a powerful screen presence.She had formed a hit pair with Venkatesh by featuring together in clean family entertainers like Raja,Jayam manadera,Pellichesukundam etc.They were the most successful hit pair of Tollywood.She never appeared in skimpy dresses even for a single movie scene. She was always against choosing roles that required exposure and obscenities. She is respected and fondly remembered by the Telugu people. She got 6 filmfare awards which no one got like that in a span of 12 yrs. Ammoru (1994), Antahpuram (1998), Raja (1999), Dweepa (2002)[2 awards as best actress and best producer], Aaptamitra (2004)

[edit] Personal life

Soundarya married software engineer G. S. Raghu, who was also her childhood friend and maternal uncle, in April 2003.She has great dreams about public welfare.But unfortunately death occurred. Even though her dreams are fulfilled by their family using the trust AMARA SOUNDARYA SOCIAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST [ASSET]. She decided to act and produce a film 'Kamli' by the director K.N.T.Sastry after getting award for DWEEPA wchich is her own production but death stopped.

[edit] Selected filmography

  • Telugu
    • Manavarali pelli(1993)
    • Madam
    • Allari premikudu (1994)
    • chudalani vundhi(1998)
    • Rajandrudu Gajendrudu (1993)
    • Hello Brother (1994)
    • Ammoru(1995)
    • Raja
    • No 1
    • Amma Donga
    • Amma Naa Kodala
    • Top Hero
    • Annayya
    • Rikshavadu
    • Tommidi Nellalu
    • Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu
    • Priyaragalu
    • Anthahpuram
    • Annayya
    • Raithu Bharatam
    • Postman
    • Pedarayudu
    • Jayam Manadera
    • Pelli chesukundam
    • Narasimha
    • Sri ramulayya
    • Seethayya
    • Swethanagu
    • Mayalodu
    • Deviputhrudu(2000)
    • Arundhati(1999)
    • Azaad(2000)
  • Kannada
    • Dweepa (2001)
    • Aaptamitra (2004) (her last film after she died)
    • Naanu nanna hendatiru
    • Sipaayi
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
    • Yathrakarude Sradhakku (2002)
    • Kilichundan Mampazham (2003)
  • Hindi

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