Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

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Son Goku
Japanese 孫 悟空
Romaji Son Gokū
Anime Name Goku
Manga Name Son Goku
Alternate Name(s) Son Gokou
Son Gokuh
Son Gokuu
First Appearance Chapter #1
Appears in character appears in the original Dragon Ball seriescharacter appears in the Dragon Ball Z seriescharacter appears in the Dragon Ball GT series
Race Saiya-jin (Saiyan)
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Son Goku is the fictional hero and main character of the Dragon Ball series (created by Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama), including the manga Dragon Ball, and the three anime series, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. The character is based upon the monkey protagonist, Sun Wukong, from the Chinese novel Journey to the West.

Goku is known for his cheerful, energetic personality, fondness for competition (specifically fighting) and eating, as well as his kind and loving heart and an adorable lack of common sense. He has remarkable intuition at seeing the good in others despite their actions, though his capacity for forgiving his enemies has occasionally caused him further trouble.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


[edit] Appearance

According to the official Dragon Ball records (Daizenshuu), Goku stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and has spiky black hair and dark eyes. Goku's physique almost perfectly replicates his father Burdock's. His most common outfit is a red-orange martial arts uniform with a dark blue undershirt, boots, belt and wristbands. The front and back of this outfit displays the symbols of his training masters (Muten-Roshi, North Kaio, and finally himself), up through the end of the Freeza Saga.

[edit] Heritage

Kakarotto is Goku's name that he was given by his biological Saiyan family when he was born on Planet Vegeta. At first Goku rejects his heritage, but accepts it during his battle with Freeza. Only Saiyans refer to Goku by his Saiyan name and Vegeta refuses to refer to him as anything else, believing he should be proud of his Saiyan heritage.

Goku's original name fits in with the rest of his family; all the known members in his family are puns of vegetables that are related to each other. Goku's brother Raditz is a pun of the word radish while his father Burdock's name is a pun of the herb called burdock.

[edit] Pre-Dragon Ball

 Goku in his capsule upon arriving on Earth
Goku in his capsule upon arriving on Earth

It is not revealed to the audience that Goku is a ruthless Saiyan warrior until the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. Kakarotto was sent to Earth to exterminate the Humans and make the planet suitable for conquest. Kakarotto is instead found by an old man known as Son Gohan who lives as a hermit on Mount Paozu, hundreds of miles away from the nearest city. Gohan, unaware of the boy's true Saiyan name, names him Goku. Goku was wild and unusually savage for a child, but one day during Gohan's travels, Goku falls out of his carrier and into a ravine where he suffers severe head trauma. The head trauma had scrambled his "programmed" Saiyan nature and Goku became an innocently naїve child, completely uninfluenced by desire and the evils of the world, and also completely unaware of his original mission of destruction.

Some time after that Goku transforms into an Oozaru one night and kills his grandfather by stomping him to death. Goku had transformed previously and Gohan told him to never be outside when the moon was full. Goku went outside one night when the moon was full and transformed. Goku was then left to fend for himself in the wilderness until he is twelve years old.

[edit] Dragon Ball

12-year old Goku in the original Dragon Ball series.
12-year old Goku in the original Dragon Ball series.

In the original series, Goku is first introduced to the audience at the age of 12. He is seemingly normal except for his naivety of the world, his great strength, and his tail. Goku also possesses a magical fighting stick called the Nyoi-bo, or Power Pole and the four-star Dragon Ball. Goku meets Bulma and together start the search for the Dragon Balls. During their quest Goku confronts the desert bandit Yamcha, who later becomes his friend. Goku also meets his future wife Chi-Chi and the legendary martial artist Muten-Rôshi, from whom he receives his flying cloud called the Kintoun and later learns the Kamehameha. After the quest is finished, Goku begins to train with Muten-Rôshi and develops into one of the most powerful fighters on Earth. His fellow student Kuririn is a rival at first, but soon becomes Goku's best friend.

After Goku competes in, but loses, the 21st Martial Arts Tournament Tenka’ichi Budôkai, he leaves his friends behind once more and searches for the four-star Dragon Ball, which he believes contains the soul of his departed grandfather. Along the way he confronts the ruthless Red Ribbon Army. After defeating several top agents, Goku battles the deadly assassin, Tao Pai Pai. Goku is defeated at first but after receiving training from Master Karin, Goku defeats Tao Pai Pai and the whole Red Ribbon Army. Goku is sent by Muten-Roshi to train by himself around the world without kintoun, running, swimming and perfecting his abilities. They agree to meet again in the next tournament.

Goku's next major opponent was Tenshinhan, a warrior trained by Muten-Rôshi’s rival, Master Shen. Goku and Tenshinhan face off in the finals of the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament. Both fought valiantly, but Goku was unfortunately defeated by chance. However, as it was with Yamcha, Goku and Tenshinhan don't remain rivals for long and soon become close friends.

Immediately after the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo Daimao appears, and after killing Kuririn, sets out to assassinate all martial artists on Earth to ensure his unchallenged rule. After a difficult series of battles, Goku eventually manages to defeat the demon and avenges Muten-Rôshi's and Kuririn's deaths. Moments before Piccolo's death however, he vows revenge and reincarnates himself in the form of an egg, which hatches into Piccolo Jr.

After the battle, Goku accepts the gruelling training of Kami, the god of Earth for three years. Goku arrives to participate in the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament, as does Piccolo Jr. in order to fight Goku and to avenge his predecessor's death. In the final match, both Goku and Piccolo fight ferociously, until Goku is severely injured. However, Goku prevails and defeats Piccolo, making him the champion of the 23rd Tenka’ichi Budôkai, and Goku finally claims the title of the "strongest under the heavens".

[edit] Dragon Ball Z

[edit] Saiyan Saga

Main article: Vegeta Saga

At the start of the Dragon Ball Z series, Goku has built a family with his wife Chi-Chi, and their son, Son Gohan. A new super powerful threat arrives on Earth by the name of Raditz, who introduces himself as Goku's older brother[1]. Raditz reveals to Goku that he is actually a Saiyan who was originally sent to Earth to conquer it. After realizing that Goku had forgotten his Saiyan roots, Raditz defeats Goku and kidnaps Gohan, telling Goku that he must kill at least 100 humans if he wishes to see his son alive again[2]. Piccolo then appears and offers to join forces in order to defeat Raditz. With the two of them greatly outclassed, Goku sacrifices himself, holding Raditz in place while Piccolo charges his Special Beam Cannon. Both are killed by Piccolo's attack.

Before dying, Goku learns that two more elite Saiyan Warriors, both more powerful than Raditz, would be coming to Earth in one year. Once in the afterlife, Goku travels along Serpent Road to receive training from North Kaiō so he can gain the strength to battle the Saiyans. Goku arrives at his destination, where North Kaiō teach Goku the Kaiō-ken and the Genki Dama on a planet with ten times the gravity of Earth. Before the battle begins, Goku is wished back to life and begins the journey back along Serpent Road so that he can return to Earth.

Goku arrives late at the battle site, defeating Nappa with ease before confronting Vegeta. Goku using his Kaio-ken technique, wastill not enough to beat Vegeta, until he pushed the multiplier to Kaio-ken x3 and overwhelmed him by pushing the multplier to Kaio-ken x4 and firing a Kamehameha, but Vegeta reveals that even without a moon he can transform into an Oozaru and promptly creates a fake moon which causes him to turn into an Oozaru. Goku was now massively outclassed, as Vegeta had full control of this form and was not a mindless beast as Goku and Gohan were. However, Vegeta ignored the humans who were planning an attack, believing them to be nowhere near powerful enough to be a threat, until out of nowhere Yajirobe appeared with his sword and cut off Vegeta's tail, causing him to revert back to his normal state. However, Goku was severely injured, and it fell to Gohan to fight Vegeta. Gohan managed to match the weakened Vegeta, but was unable to get the upper hand until Kuririn threw a Genki Dama at Vegeta, and although Vegeta initially dodged the bomb, Kuririn distracted Vegeta long enough for Gohan to deflect it straight into him, knocking him flying. However, Vegeta was still not finished, so Goku told Gohan to look at the fake moon Vegeta had previously made, transforming him into an Oozaru, leaving Vegeta with no chance. Even though Vegeta managed to cut Gohans tail off, he was too drained of power to fight any more, and Kuririn was about to kill him, until Goku persuaded him to let Vegeta go, something Vegeta promised to make Goku regret.

[edit] Freeza Saga

Main article: Freeza Saga

After healing from his battle with Vegeta, Goku travels to Planet Namek to aid Gohan, Kuririn and Bulma who are in searching of the Namekian Dragon Balls. Goku arrives in time to save his friends and Vegeta from the Ginyu Force. Displaying the power he achieved training under hundred times gravity of the Earth, Goku dispatches the foes with relative ease before facing their leader, Captain Ginyu. The injuries Goku recieves during this fight incapacitate him, forcing Vegeta to place him within a rejuvenation chamber so that he may aid them in a final confrontation with Freeza.

Goku becomes a Super Saiyan for the first time
Goku becomes a Super Saiyan for the first time

Healed, Goku interrupts the ongoing battle before Freeza can kill Vegeta. Vegeta in his dying words, pleads for Goku to kill Freeza for all that he has done to him and to their Saiyan race. Displaying impressive new strength, Goku manages to hold his own but Freeza eventually overwhelms him, forcing Goku to use the Spirit Bomb. Freeza survives however, injuring Piccolo and murdering Kuririn which enrages Goku. Unleashing all of his power, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan. Now able to be a threat to Freeza, the battle rages on until Freeza decides to obliterate the entire planet. As the planet dies around them, Goku and Freeza continue to fight until Freeza is cut into two pieces by his own attack. Goku grudgingly spares Freeza some of his own energy to survive but the villain turns it against his benefactor, forcing Goku to destroy Freeza. Namek explodes, seemingly taking Goku's life in the process. However, when his friends attempt to revive him with Dragon Balls, the dragon reveals that Goku is still alive.

[edit] Android Saga

Main article: Cell Saga

Goku returns to Earth, only to be confronted by a teenage Super Saiyan named Trunks, who is from a future timeline. Trunks reveals that two androids (Jinzō'ningen) are destroying his world. Trunks provides Goku with a vaccine for a heart disease which claimed his life in Trunks' future timeline before the arrival of the androids and ask the Z Warriors to prepare for this new threat. Goku spends the next 3 years training with Piccolo and Gohan, not showing any signs of illness.

When the Jinzō'ningen appear, Goku battles Jinzō'ningen #19. During the fight Goku becomes gradually weaker, having contracted the heart virus later than predicted, Goku falls to #19 but is saved by Vegeta before being taken to Kame House where the vaccine is administered. After recovering from the illness, Goku had sensed what happened around him, knowing that #17, #18 and #16 have been activated, this knowledge caused Goku to train further in the Room of Spirit and Time with Gohan. During their training, a new threat emerges, Cell.

Determined to face Goku, Cell hosts a fighting tournament, the Cell Games. The day of the tournament arrives and Goku faces Cell in battle only to eventually forfeit in order to allow Gohan to fight. Cell's torment of Gohan's friends and family forces him to transform into a Super Saiyan 2 where he easily dominates Cell. Desperate, Cell begins to self-destruct, forcing Goku to step in and teleport himself and Cell to King Kai's planet where the explosion kills Goku. Cell regenerates from a single cell and returns to Earth facing Gohan again. Gohan struggles to overcome Cell's massive Kamehameha until Goku spiritually gives his son support from otherworld, allowing him to kill Cell. After the battle, Goku chooses to remain in the afterlife to train, also believing himself to be the cause of many of the threats to Earth and his loved ones.

[edit] Buu Saga

Main article: Buu Saga

On the day of the revival of the Tenka'ichi Budôkai, Goku is given special permission to return to Earth for one day to participate, allowing him to again see his loved ones and his newest son, Goten. During the tournament, Goku is informed by Kaiōshin of the imminent threat posed by the evil wizard Babidi and so leaves to face the new danger. Arriving at Babidi's ship, Goku and his allies are forced to face Babidi's henchmen, unwittingly providing power to the slumbering Majin Buu. Babidi possesses Vegeta who forces Goku to finally have a rematch bout until Buu is released from his rest due to the massive amount of energy being output from the fight. Before they can face Buu, Vegeta feigns a forfeit and knocks Goku unconscious. Upon awakening, Goku assesses the dire situation and decides to train Goten and Trunks in the art of Fusion before his time on Earth runs out.

Goku in Super Saiyan 3
Goku in Super Saiyan 3

Goku faces Buu in battle, unveiling his Super Saiyan 3 form and overwhelming the nearly invincible Buu. The transformation consumes the majority of his remaining energy however and Goku is forced to return to the afterlife earlier than anticipated. Learning that Gohan is alive and training with Kaiōshin, Goku teleports to the Kai Planet, observing the battle on Earth through a crystal ball. When Gohan's training is complete, he returns to Earth to face Buu but faces defeat after Buu's absorption of Gotenks and Piccolo. Rou Dai Kaiōshin transfers his life force to Goku to resurrect him and allow him to aid Gohan in battle, armed with the Potara fusion earrings. Before he can fuse with his son, Gohan is also absorbed leaving Goku desperate until Vegeta is allowed back to earth. The pair fuse to create the super warrior, Vegetto.

Vegetto easily overpowers Buu before being purposefully absorbed by Buu to rescue his friends. The mystic nature of Buu's insides forces Vegetto's fusion to become unstable and the two separate back into Vegeta and Goku. They are confronted inside Buu's mind by an incarnation of Buu until Vegeta releases the absorbed Good Buu forcing an uncontrollable transformation, creating Kid Buu(Buu´s original form). Goku and Vegeta escape from Buu's body but Kid Buu, no longer having any goodness in him, quickly destroys Earth. Goku, Vegeta, Dende and Mr. Satan are rescued by Kaioshin and teleported to the Planet of the Kais.

Buu eventually traces them and again battles the two Saiyans. They both struggle with Kid Buu until Mr Satan steps in, exerting his influence over the absorbed Good Buu, (who was free to cause Kid Buu great pain), which causes Kid Buu to spit out his better half. Good Buu battles with Kid Buu while Vegeta, after recognising his admiration and respect for Goku, formulates a plan to use the Spirit Bomb, asking Dende to use the Namekian Dragon Balls, and wish to restore the Earth and revive all the good hearted people killed since the day of the tournament. Vegeta and Goku ask for help from the earthlings but only Goku´s friends help, and the rest remain skeptical. With persuasion from Mr Satan, the Spirit Bomb is supplied with a vast amount of energy which Goku then throws toward Kid Buu. Kid Buu amazingly blocks the attack until the final wish is used to restore Goku's full power, allowing him to force the Spirit Bomb forward, disintegrating Kid Buu, settling his rivalry with Vegeta and restoring peace to the Universe.

Akira Toriyama finishes Dragon Ball Z as if the story may continue, with one last "Strongest Under The Heavens" tournament, where Goku has to fight and then decides to train Uub who is Kid Buu reincarnated as a good natured human. As they fly off to meet Uub's family, Goku asks Uub if they can have a rematch once Uub is trained, which Uub happily agrees to.

[edit] Dragon Ball GT

[edit] Baby Saga

Main article: Baby Saga

Years later, an accidental wish by Emperor Pilaf upon the Black Star Dragon Balls reverts Goku back into his childhood physical form. Goku is then tasked with returning all 7 Black Star Dragon Balls back to Earth after they separate across the galaxy to prevent the destruction of Earth. During his journey, Goku encounters Baby, a creation of the race that lived on Planet Vegeta before the Saiyans arrived. Upon their return to Earth, Goku and his friends encounter Baby again who has possessed Vegeta and enslaved all life on Earth. Against Baby Vegeta, Goku's child-like state is easily beaten and he is almost killed, being saved by Rou Dai Kaioshin in his final moments. Believing Goku to be dead, Baby uses the Black Star Dragon Balls to wish Planet Plant back into existence in orbit around Earth and begins transporting all enslaved, Earth life there to become the new Tsufurujin race.

Meanwhile on Planet Kaioshin, Rou Dai Kaioshin plan to re-growing his Saiyan tail to upgrade Goku's power. Confident, Goku travels to Planet Plant and confronts Baby only to be beaten again. Defeated, Goku stares up at Earth, its reflected moon-light causing him to transform into a raging Golden Oozaru before Pan calms him down, allowing him to ascend into a Super Saiyan 4. Goku defeats Baby Vegeta, forcing Baby to flee Vegeta's body before Goku blasts him into the sun.

[edit] Super 17 Saga

Main article: Super 17 Saga

A badly beaten Trunks arrives at Goku's door revealing his attacker to be Android #17. Goku follows the orders given to Trunks and leaves for Hell, through a black-hole in the sky, where he meets Dr. Myuu, and Dr. Gero, who leave and seal the exit behind them, trapping Goku in the afterlife. To worsen matters, Cell and Freeza both appear. After a short fight, Cell and Freeza manage to drag Goku into the deepest part of Hell, where an old lady traps him within a block of ice.

Being alive allows Goku to escape and incapacitate Freeza and Cell. Goku, still trapped in Hell, asks Enma Daiō for help, to which Enma responds that his powers are being blocked and he cannot release Goku. Piccolo and Dende then create another portal between the living world and Hell to allow Goku's escape.

Goku battles the newly fused Super 17, with the help of 18. Goku defeats Super 17, piercing his stomach with a Dragon Fist before finishing him with a Kamehameha.

[edit] Shadow Dragon Saga

Main article: Shadow Dragon Saga

Goku and his companions wanted to restore the planet´s damage with the seven Dragon Balls, but instead of Shenlong, seven evil Dragons have emerged from the Dragon Balls negative energy. Goku, follow by Pan, confront and defeat six dragons, but the most powerful enemy of all, One Star Dragon, Yi Xing Long, absorbs the other Dragon Balls into himself, forming Super Yi Xing Long. Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Ubb try to fight but are easily defeated. Vegeta arrives along with Bulma and uses a Bruitz Waves Generator to turn into a Golden Oozaru and transforms into a Super Saiyan 4. Desperate to end the Dragon's wrath, Vegeta suggests the fusion dance with Goku to make Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Gogeta nearly defeats Yi Xing Long, but his fusion time ends before the battle can be finished. The evil Dragon beats all the warriors to death, throwing his powerful negative energy to Goku. Mortally wounded, Goku starts gathering all the energy of the universe into a Genkidama, and annihilating Yi Xing Long with it, returning the Dragon Balls to how they once were and purging them of evil. Later, the real Shenlong appears and heal Goku and his friends, telling them that no more wishes shall be granted. Goku however, in exchange for one last wish, agrees to give up his place on Earth and accompany the Dragon back to the realm from which it came. The seven Dragon Balls are absorbed into Goku's body, and the dragon and Goku vanish.

Goku returns to Earth 100 years later to observe his great-great grandson named Goku Jr, fight Vegeta's great-great grandson Vegeta Jr. Seeing peace restored, Goku flies off on the Kintoun, forever ending the Dragon Ball series.

[edit] Forms and transformations

Son Goku in all of his forms throughout Dragon Ball Z
Son Goku in all of his forms throughout Dragon Ball Z

As a member of the Saiyan race, Goku has acquired through training, the ability to transform. By transforming his body, Goku greatly enhances his abilities from the previous state. Goku is the only Saiyan in the entire Dragon Ball series who achieves all known Saiyan transformations. These forms are listed in the order they were attained:


Main article: Oozaru

This form was a powerful but uncontrollable state common to all Saiyans where the user transforms into a large, ape-like creature, commonly referred to as a Great Ape. As a child, Goku was able to use this form, growing to a size that rivaled small buildings. In this form, Goku became an incredible force to be reckoned with but has no control over his actions at all, his mind overcome with a primal rage. This form was never used again by Goku after Dragon Ball due to his tail being removed but does make a brief appearance in Dragon Ball GT.

False Super Saiyan

Goku did not aquire this transformation in the series. Goku first displayed this ability when he was battling Lord Slug in Dragon Ball Z movie 4. Goku was not yet strong enough to fully complete the transformation to Super Saiyan, so his body was only able to partially transform. Goku displayed this ability only once in the series in a filler episode right after the Cell Games.

Super Saiyan

Main article: Super Saiyan

Goku was the first Saiyan in the series to achieve this transformation in over 1000 years making him the legendary Super Saiyan. After Freeza murdered Kuririn, seriously injured Piccolo, and threatened the life of his son, Gohan, Goku was overcome with rage and the motivation to stop Freeza once and for all, transforming into a Super Saiyan. This transformation enabled him to access to a power that was fifty times his base power.

Ascended Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

Goku achieved this form after training in the Room of Spirit and Time upon Kami's Tower by continuously increasing his power, forcing his body to grow to contain the energy. Though it granted him a huge power increase and he still retained his speed unlike the Ultra Super Saiyan form, he decided never using it in battle, instead preferring to perfect his regular Super Saiyan transformation.

Son Goku in Ascended Super Saiyan Form
Son Goku in Ascended Super Saiyan Form

Ultra Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 3rd Grade

Other than displaying it to Gohan during training, Goku never actually used this form as he noticed the defects of the increased muscle mass. He discovered the weakness and chose not to continue the training Trunks and Vegeta did. He instead directed his methods on searching for a more effective form, thus reaching Full Powered Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan, Full-Power
Goku learned to perfect the Super Saiyan form, and first used it in battle against Cell. He discovered this mastery of the Super Saiyan while training with Gohan in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Super Saiyan 2
Goku first revealed this ability during his battle against Majin Vegeta in the Buu Saga. Though it is never seen where Goku learns this form, it can be assumed he unlocked this transformation while in the afterlife. The form granted Goku further enhancements in speed and strength from Super Saiyan, though physically he changed very little from the regular Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan 3
This was the final transformation Goku achieved in Dragon Ball Z. Goku was the only character to ever use the form without having fused with another character first. He displayed this form first during the Buu Saga against Majin Buu and admits that he achieved it while training in the afterlife. The form was the strongest transformation available in the DBZ universe but consumed large amounts of Goku's energy, reducing his time on the Earth substantially. Again, the form augmented Goku's Super Saiyan 2 strength. In the manga, Goku says that in the Other World he could reach the full potential of Super Saiyan 3, but on Earth he lost energy and reverted back to his original form before he could defeat Buu. The full potential of Super Saiyan 3 is obviously very great because Vegeta noted that if he were to build his chi, or ki, he would be able to obliterate Buu.

Son Goku as a Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball GT.
Son Goku as a Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball GT.

Golden Oozaru
Goku achieved this transformation in Dragon Ball GT after being transformed into a child and having his Saiyan tail restored. This state allowed him to transform into a rampaging, mindless, Super Saiyan Oozaru with golden fur instead of brown/black. This form allows him to contain greater levels of power than ever before. The raw, animal rage combined with the increase in raw strength made him a terrible force of destruction. When his granddaughter, Pan, managed to calm the raging Goku, the Oozaru power was condensed and focused allowing him to transform into a Super Saiyan 4.

Super Saiyan 4
Goku achieved this form during his battle with Baby-Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT. After being calmed down in the Golden Oozaru state, his mind was allowed to focus, and he was able to control his power and transform into a Super Saiyan 4, shrinking from the Oozaru form down to his regular adult size.

[edit] Fusions


The Potara Saiyan Fusion between Goku and Vegeta, Vegetto, is considered to be the most powerful being in Dragon Ball Z. He was created as a desperate plan by Rou Dai Kaiōshin, to stop the powerful Majin Buu. Goku's relaxation and Vegeta's strategic mind enabled Vegetto to be quite an intelligent character without being overcome by arrogance but still possessing the ruthlessness to kill Buu. During their fight Vegetto outclassed Buu in every way, usually toying with him and tormenting him. Although the fusion was thought to be permanent, Vegetto ends up separating back into Goku and Vegeta once inside Buu's stomach.


The result of a Fusion Dance performed by Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta is considered to be one of the most formidable characters introduced in the series. Unlike with Potara Fusion, the Fusion Dance creates a perfect fusion of minds and personalities between the participants creating a totally new individual with a unique personality. Gogeta is capable of using Super Saiyan forms including Super Saiyan 4. Unfortunately, at Super Saiyan 4, Gogeta's power is so great that the normal 30-minute duration of the Fusion Dance is cut to 15 minutes.

Spoilers end here.

[edit] Techniques and special abilities


This is the ability to fly using one's ki. Goku simply controls his energy and pushes out from underneath him allowing him to fly.

Genki Dama

Perhaps Goku's most powerful attack, the Genki Dama draws energy from all life and places it in a deadly ki ball. Goku uses this against many of his more powerful opponents. The downside is that he is quite vulnerable during its lengthy creation time. He can only perform this technique out of Super Saiyan. When he attempted to use it against Android 13, as a Super Saiyan, he absorbed its energy instead of throwing it, though it still fueled him to victory.


('Rock Scissors Paper Fist' in English) This is Goku's special attack in early Dragon Ball, but is soon replaced by the Kamehameha.ō' The user shouts "Jan Ken", then a name corresponding to the attack. "Jan Ken Gu", equals rock and will be a strong punch. "Jan Ken Chyoki", equals scissors and will be a poke in the eyes. "Jan Ken Pa", equals paper and will be an open palm strike.


The Kaiōken or Fist of the Worlds is one of Goku's most famous attacks in the Dragon Ball series. The Kaiōken is a sudden eruption of ki, doubling Goku's physical abilities and strengh. Through training, Goku was able to increase the multiplier that the Kaiōken had on his power. Even though this attack gives Goku a sudden explosion of energy, the effect of it is extremely dangerous. If Goku multiplies the attack too much for his body to handle, he could kill himself by vaporizing his body.


Goku using the Kamehameha
Goku using the Kamehameha
Goku's signature technique, the Kamehameha attack, is a powerful, constant stream of energy hurled at an opponent usually through the hands. Goku learned to use this technique by mimicing Muten Roshi, who used it to put the flames out on Fry-Pan Mountain during the original Dragon Ball series but Goku's was not as powerful as Muten Roshi's. Goku later developed several and more powerful variations of this attack during the course of the Dragon Ball series.


Ryū-Ken is the first and only technique that Goku created himself. He charges his energy into his fist and it creates a Shenron-like dragon that he drives through the opponent he is facing. It is often referred to as the Super Dragon Fist. An exception to this was an Oozaru, instead of a dragon. This happened during Dragon Ball, when Goku defeated Piccolo Daimaō.

Shunkan Idô

An ability Goku learned on his way back to Earth from Namek on a remote planet called Yardrat. It allows him to teleport nearly anywhere instantly so long as he focuses on a specific ki signal at the desired location or can see where he wants to go. He places two fingers on his forehead to focus on a power signal.


Also known as the Solar Flare (in the English anime translation) or Fist of the Sun. A technique learned from Tenshinhan that uses energy to reflect the full light of the sun at an opponent within close proximity, temporarily blinding them.


Also known as the Nin-ju-Zanzôken or Double Shadow Attack, After-Image (English dub), this is when the user of this technique is able to move extremely fast over very short distances (usually a maximum of a few meters), leaving two rather misleading blurry after-images illusion behind.

[edit] Voice actors

In the English versions of Dragon Ball, the voice actors for Goku and many other characters of the series have changed as a result of the series changing dubbing studios and requiring recasting.

Toei Animation

FUNimation (Ocean Group):

FUNimation (in-house actors):

  • Sean Schemmel (Adult Goku in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Super Saiyan 4 Goku in DBGT)
  • Stephanie Nadolny (Kid Goku in Dragon Ball and "Kid" Goku Dragon Ball GT)

[edit] Appearances in other media

[edit] Video games

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball GT

All games listed chronologically.

[edit] Manga

  • Goku appears as a cameo in the Neko Majin series as Neko Majin's teacher.
  • Goku appears during a One Piece and Dragon Ball Crossover Cross Epoch. He travels with Luffy to Shenlong's tea party.

[edit] TV

  • In Japan, there is a short movie that features One Piece and Dragon Ball Z joining forces to take down Enel who tried to destroy Japan. Both Luffy and Goku team up to put an end to his evil.
  • Characters personifying Goku and Gohan were featured in the Christmas special of Robot Chicken, in which Santa Claus asks Goku to save Christmas. Note: It is indicated in the episode that one of the characters is Gohan, but fans argue that it was Goten due to the hairstyle. However, Chibi Goku of Dragon Ball GT would be even more accurate, as then both the hairstyle and outfit would match.
  • In the second Dr. Slump series, Arale uses a new invention of Senbei's to bring the final Dragon Ball manga to life. Upon doing so, a black and white Goku and Kid Buu come to life as they fight in the middle of Arale's house. Later on, a younger Goku stays in Penguin Village as Senbei fixes his broken Dragon Radar so he can search for the remaining seventh Dragon Ball he needs. Upon his stay, Murasaki and Blue pay a visit to try and steal the Dragon Balls away. Needless to say, they are both outdone by Goku and Arale.

[edit] In popular culture

Goku battles Superman on a comic section of Wizard magazine
Goku battles Superman on a comic section of Wizard magazine
  • There are many similarties between Goku and Superman. Both have similar origins (sent to another planet, homeworlds destroyed, found by a nice elderly person who raised him as his own) and powers (super strength, flight, high-invulnerability) and both characters have died and been resurrected. In the 133rd edition (September 2002) of Wizard Magazine, a hypothetical Superman vs. Goku match up was published. Goku won the fight quite easily, needing to just tap into the first Super Saiyan level to defeat Superman.
  • Gonard, a main character from Kappa Mikey is a spoof of Goku, and also have a similar personality to Goku (both like food and are naive). However Gonard does not like fighting, but his role (he is an actor) is a violent villain. Both Goku and Gonard are voiced by actor Sean Schemmel.

[edit] References

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