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San Diego State University (SDSU) Aztecs
San Diego State University (SDSU) Aztecs athletic logo
University San Diego State University
Conference Mountain West Conference
NCAA Division I
Athletics director Jeff Schemmel
Location San Diego, CA
Varsity Teams 15
Stadium Qualcomm Stadium
Arena Cox Arena
Mascot Aztec Warrior
Nickname Aztecs
Fight Song
Colors Scarlet and Black



The SDSU Aztecs are the collegiate athletics and sports teams for San Diego State University (SDSU).

SDSU has organized facilities for baseball, basketball, football, golf, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, track, softball, rowing (crew), water polo, swimming, diving, and women's volleyball.

The SDSU Aztecs compete in NCAA Division I (I-A for football). Its primary conference is the Mountain West Conference; its women's water polo team participates in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation and its men's soccer team participates as an Associate Member of the Pacific Ten Conference (the "Pac-10" Conference). Crew's championship regatta is the WIRA (Western International Rowing Association).

News reports (especially on local radio) often mention "Montezuma Mesa" or "news from the mesa" when discussing SDSU-related sports events. The SDSU campus is known as "Montezuma Mesa," as the university is situated on a mesa overlooking Mission Valley and is located at the intersection of Montezuma Road and College Avenue in the city of San Diego, California.


[edit] Purpose

San Diego State University athletics
San Diego State University athletics
SDSU President Dr. Stephen L. Weber's discussion of the Importance of Athletics
See SDSU press release of August 29, 2006

"The mission of the San Diego State University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Team is to provide student-athletes the finest educational and athletic experience. We develop the leaders of tomorrow by instilling the core values and work ethic that inspires a passion for success in the classroom, on the field of competition, in the community, and in all future endeavors."

SDSU Athletics Mission Statement

[edit] School colors

The school colors are scarlet (red) and black.

[edit] Sports facilities

A detailed listing of the SDSU athletics facilities, including photographs and descriptions, is found here: SDSU Athletics Facilities.

  1. Aztec Athletic Center
  2. Cox Arena
  3. Qualcomm Stadium
  4. Mission Bay Aquatic Center (MBAC)
  5. Tony Gwynn Stadium
  6. Peterson Gymnasium
  7. Aztec Aquaplex (recent news article)
  8. SDSU Sports Deck
  9. SDSU Softball Stadium
  10. SDSU Tennis Stadium
  11. SDSU Practice Facility & Fields

[edit] Championships

Total as of 2006 = three (3)

[edit] Highlights

[edit] Football

San Diego State University (SDSU) has an esteemed college football team. SDSU is part of the highest level of American collegiate football, NCAA "Football Bowl Subdivision" of Division 1 (which was formerly known as Division 1 A). Traditionally, the team, clad in all-black uniforms and red helmets, has played its home games at night, a tradition started during the days of former head coach Don Coryell before the stadium was even opened. There have been attempts in the past to change from "The Look," but all have led to poor play by the Aztecs and a reversion back to the traditional look.

Interior of Qualcomm Stadium (SDSU football game)
Interior of Qualcomm Stadium (SDSU football game)

Current Head Coach: Chuck Long

SDSU athletics have contributed richly to the National Football League (NFL). Distinguished NFL head coaches were proud members of the Aztec Football program:

Some of the more famous SDSU students to later star in the NFL are:

The football team plays at Qualcomm Stadium (formerly known as "Jack Murphy" Stadium). See also The Q.

[edit] Basketball

Current Head Coach (men's team): Steve Fisher

Current Head Coach (women's team): Beth Burns

SDSU has both men's and women's college basketball teams. Some of the more famous SDSU students to later star in the NBA are:

  • Michael Cage - All star NBA player with the Los Angeles Clippers, the Seattle SuperSonics, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Philadelphia 76ers, and New Jersey Nets.

The basketball teams play at Cox Arena (see also Cox Arena website) on the SDSU campus.

On March 19, 2007, a new National Invitation Tournament (NIT) attendance record was set, at 26,752, in a loss in the second-round men's basketball game against Syracuse.

[edit] Baseball

Current Head Coach: Tony Gwynn

Some of the more famous SDSU students to later star in the MLB are:

The baseball team plays at Smith Field in Tony Gwynn Stadium on the SDSU campus, named for famous SDSU baseball and basketball alumnus, and Baseball Hall Of Fame member Tony Gwynn.

[edit] Soccer

Current Head Coach (men's team): Lev Kirshner

Current Head Coach (women's team): Michael Giuliano

Some of the more famous SDSU students soccer stars are:

The men's and women's soccer teams play at Sports Deck on the SDSU campus. The women compete in the Mountain West Conference while the men compete in the Pacific Ten Conference (Pac-10)

In 1987, the SDSU men's soccer team lost in the NCAA Men's Soccer Championship finals by a score of 0-2 to Clemson.

[edit] Spirit

SDSU's athletic teams are nicknamed "Aztecs", and its current mascot is the Aztec Warrior, historically referred to as "Monty - Montezuma".

Hail Montezuma
We with loyal hearts our homeage pay:
Proud working and glorying,
In the spirit of the Aztec name.
To thee, San Diego
And the fond Traditions old and new
A tribute raise of lasting praise and steadfast faith,
Hail Montezuma.
Hail Montezuma
We salute thy glorious destiny:
Far seeing in company days,
Men and women strong who live in truth.
To thee, San Diego
And the Black and Scarlet we'll be true
An echo comes from Aztec drums through all the years,
Hail Montezuma!
Fight on and on ye Aztec men,
Sons of Montezuma,
We will win again,
Keep your spirits high,
Never bow a knee,
We will fight till victory.
Fight on and on ye Aztec men,
Proudly raise your banners high,
For it's the Red and Black,
Hail to our team,
San Diego Aztecs fight!
  • Students
    • Monty's Maniacs
    • The Show is the loud and vocal lower rows of the student section at men's basketball games. They are known for heckling visiting teams and taunting them with the large celebrity faces. Shownana, a student dressed in a banana costume, has become a celebrity at games.

[edit] Band

The San Diego State Marching Aztecs, and Pep and Varsity Bands are often seen at many sporting events including Football, Basketball and even Volleyball.

[edit] Other

San Diego State University is sometimes referred to as the "Montezuma Mesa" because of its location upon a hill overlooking Mission Valley.

[edit] Notable athletes

See also the List of San Diego State University alumni and faculty

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