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Ron Hamilton is a Christian evangelist, singer, and voice actor. He is best known for his character Patch the Pirate, and has produced and starred in a series of audio books starring the character. The character is based on a nickname he attained after losing an eye to cancer when he was 27 years old. He is married to Shelly Hamilton who, along with many of their children, provides the voices of a number of characters in his Patch the Pirate stories.


[edit] Discography

[edit] Patch the Pirate recordings

  • Sing-a-long with Patch the Pirate
  • Patch the Pirate Goes to Space
  • Patch the Pirate Goes West
  • Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle
  • Kidnapped on I-Land
  • The Great American Time Machine
  • The Misterslippi River Race
  • The Calliope Caper
  • Camp Kookawacka Woods
  • The Custards' Last Stand
  • The Friendship Mutiny
  • Once Upon a Starry Knight
  • Down Under
  • Harold the King
  • The Evolution Revolution
  • Mount Zion Marathon
  • The Giant Killer
  • Polecat's Poison
  • The Sneaky Sheik
  • Afraidika Fever
  • The Lone Stranger
  • The Tumbleweed Opera
  • Coldheartica
  • Limerick the Leprechaun
  • The Kashmir Kid
  • The Villain of Venice

[edit] Ron Hamilton's solo recordings

  • Songs of Home & Heaven
  • I Saw Jesus In You
  • Cherish The Moment
  • Christmas At Our House
  • Listen For The Trumpet
  • Rejoice In The Lord
  • Wings As Eagles

[edit] Ron and Shelly Hamilton's recordings

  • Only By His Grace
  • Sing A New Song
  • Lord Of All
  • Times And Seasons
  • Wash Me Now
  • Worthy Of Praise

[edit] Shelly Hamilton's piano recordings

  • Back to Bach Christmas
  • Classic Jubilation
  • Concerto of Praise
  • Piano Praises
  • Classic Meditations

[edit] Instrumental recordings

  • Majesty Strings Christmas
  • Jesus I Come
  • Majesty Strings I
  • Majesty Strings II
  • Majesty Strings III
  • Victorious Strings

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