Rafael Méndez

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Rafael Méndez, The Legacy album cover
Rafael Méndez, The Legacy album cover

Rafael Méndez (March 26, 1906 - September 15, 1981) was a popular virtuoso solo trumpeter.

As a young child in his native Mexico, Mendez was the cornetist for Pancho Villa.[1] Mendez is legendary for his tone, range and technique. His most famous recording, "Moto Perpetuo," was written by Paganini for violin and features Mendez double tonguing continuously for over 4 minutes while circular breathing to give the illusion that he is not taking a natural breath while playing.

Around the time of his retirement, Méndez asked a fellow trumpeter, Tom Hernandez (who had studied under Méndez and Maurice André) to take over his soloing duties, but Tom declined in order to continue with his directing.

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