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Princeton University Press is an independent publisher with close connections, both formal and informal, to Princeton University. Its fundamental mission is to disseminate scholarship through books, journals, and other media within academia and society at large.

With the financial support of Charles Scribner, the Press was founded by Whitney Darrow in 1905 as a printing press to serve the Princeton community. Its first book, published in 1912, was a new edition of Lectures on Moral Philosophy by John Witherspoon. Since then, the Press has sought to publish original work by the best minds in academia.


[edit] Pulitzer Prizes

Six Princeton University Press books have won Pulitzer Prizes:

  • Russia Leaves the WarGeorge F. Kennan (1957)
  • Banks and Politics in America From the Revolution to the Civil War — Bray Hammond (1958)
  • Between War and Peace — Herbert Feis (1961)
  • Washington, Village and Capital — Constance McLaughlin Green (1963)
  • The Greenback Era — Irwin Unger (1965)
  • Machiavelli in HellSebastian de Grazia (1989)

[edit] Bollingen Series

The Bollingen Foundation, initially a project of Paul Mellon's Old Dominion Foundation in 1943, initiated the Bollingen Series. From 1945, the Bollingen Foundation had independent status, publishing and providing fellowships and grants in several areas of study including archaeology, poetry, and psychology. The Series was given to the University in 1969 when the Foundation became inactive.

[edit] Multi-volume papers projects

In addition to publishing original scholarship, the Press has undertaken several multi-volume papers projects, including:

[edit] Recent publications

Recent books by notable authors include:

[edit] Directors of the Press

  • 1905-1917: Whitney Darrow
  • 1917-1938: Paul G. Tomlinson
  • 1938-1942: Joseph Brandt
  • 1942-1952: Datus C. Smith, Jr.
  • 1952-1954: Norvell B. Samuels, acting director
  • 1954-1986: Herbert S. Bailey, Jr.
  • 1986-2005: Walter H. Lippincott, Jr.
  • 2005-present: Peter J. Dougherty

[edit] Influential publications

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Princeton University Press books which have been particularly influential include the following. See A Century in Books for more information about these books:

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