List of male performers in gay porn films

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This is a list of men who have appeared in gay pornographic films (porn stars). These men may or may not be gay themselves (see Gay-for-pay).

The listing is alphabetic by first name. Some performers have many pseudonyms and stage names (indicated here by a.k.a.—"also known as"); it is advisable to search for a specific name.

[edit] Introduction

This is not a directory.

This article is an index of other articles that have been written about performers in gay porn films and also serves as a list of articles that need to be written. In order for a name without an article to be included here, there must be a reasonable expectation that an article will be written about the person.

The list does not include performers who have appeared on websites or in live shows unless they have also appeared in a gay porn film.

[edit] Inclusion or removal

In addition to the above, the following criteria more specifically define who is included here:

  1. Unsourced names are removed.
  2. A reliable source is given for each name; each pseudonym ("a.k.a.") is also specifically sourced.
    • The listed name is sourced here even if there is an article on the person.
    • The source specifically shows that the performer has appeared in a gay porn film.
    • A source need not be a reference to an internet website; other reliable sources may be cited.
    • References to self-published personal websites are not valid sources.
    • References to retail websites[1][2][3] listing films for the performer are valid sources.
  3. There must be a reference to the source of each name on the list—each pseudonym must be sourced.
  4. Only a single videography per name need be referenced as a valid source to demonstrate that the perfomer listed here appeared in gay porn films. Multiple references to encompass a performer's complete body of work are not required.
  5. Names with videographies of four or fewer original films (not compilations) may have been removed; they will not be reinserted until an encyclopedic article about them has been written.
  6. If an article about a performer failed a deletion review the performer's name has been removed until an article that will survive such a review is written.

Please see the Talk page for more information on how to edit the list.

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[edit] A

  • Aaron Brandt a.k.a. Adam West videographies—Brandt, West
  • Ace Hanson a.k.a. Eric Reins videographies—Hanson, Reins
  • Adam Kubick a.k.a. Robbie Masters videographies—Kubick, Masters
  • Adam West see Aaron Brandt
  • Alec Martinez a.k.a. Jorge Martinez videographies—Alec, Jorge
  • Alistair Vogel a.k.a. Brock Wilder, Jay Renfro videographies—Vogel, Wilder, Renfro
  • Andy Hunter a.k.a. Michael Fallon videographies—Hunter, Fallon
  • Ansel Rainier a.k.a. Darryl Weld videographies—Rainier, Weld

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[edit] B

  • Bill Crane see Andrew Barrington
  • Billy Slater a.k.a. Rex Baldwin videographies—Slater, Baldwin
  • Blaine Bogart a.k.a. Jeremy Brooks videographies—Bogart, Brooks
  • Brandon Irons gay
  • Brent Cross a.k.a. Hunter videographies—Cross, Hunter
  • Brent Sawyer a.k.a. Derek Thomas videographies—Sawyer, Thomas
  • Bret Winters a.k.a. Brett Winters videographies—Bret, Brett
  • Brett Winters see Bret Winters
  • Brian Maxon a.k.a. Brian Maxx videographies—Maxon, Maxx
  • Brock Wilder see Alistair Vogel
  • Bruce McHews see Bruce Matthews
  • Buck Hammer a.k.a. Buck Naked videographies—Hammer, Naked
  • Buck Naked see Buck Hammer
  • Bud a.k.a. Bud Lighter videographies—Bud, Lighter
  • Bull Stanton a.k.a. Chris Duffy videographies—Stanton, Duffy (softcore)

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[edit] C

  • Cage Kajc a.k.a. Martin Karvina, Vilem Cage videographies—Kajc, Karvina, Cage
  • Casey Blue a.k.a. Jason Nikas videographies—Blue, Nikas
  • Charlie Boy see Chance Caldwell
  • Chris Dano a.k.a. Eddie Van Ness videographies—Dano, Van Ness
  • Chris Duffy see Bull Stanton
  • Chris Gray a.k.a. Mike Gray videographies—Chris, Mike
  • Chris Hard a.k.a. Jon Davis, Mike Dodge, Paul Morgan, Paul Smith, Scott Burton videographies—Hard, Davis, Dodge, Morgan, Burton
  • Chris Ladd a.k.a. Chris Starr videographies—Ladd, Starr
  • Chris Starr see Chris Ladd
  • Chris Thompson see Chris Cairns
  • Chris Thunder see Bruce Patterson
  • Christian Luc a.k.a. Christian Luke videographies—Luc, Luke
  • Christian Luke see Christian Luc
  • Christopher Ash a.k.a. Tony Bandanza videographies—Ash, Bandanza
  • Christopher Pace a.k.a. Christopher Rage, Mary Jim Sstunning videographies—Rage, Pace, Stunning
  • Christopher Rage see Christopher Pace
  • Christopher Young see Chris Young
  • Christopher Zale a.k.a. Kody Fields videographies—Zale, Fields
  • Craig Scott see Andrew Barrington
  • Curt Adams see Beau Saxon

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[edit] D

  • D.J. Himenez a.k.a. Josh Evers videographies—Himenez , Evers
  • Dan Parks a.k.a. Danny Parks, Mark Jennings videographies—Dan, Danny, Jennings
  • Daniel Brown a.k.a. Danny Brown, Dany Brown, Richard French videographies—Daniel, Danny, Dany, French (straight)
  • Danny Brown see Daniel Brown
  • Danny Orlis a.k.a. Rich Merritt: Orlis (videography), Merritt (book)
  • Danny Parks see Dan Parks
  • Danny Summers see Danny Sommers
  • Dany Brown see Daniel Brown
  • Daryl Brock a.k.a. Darryl Brock videographies—Daryl, Darryl
  • Daryl Harris a.k.a. Darryl Harris videographies—Daryl, Darryl
  • Darryl Brock see Daryl Brock
  • Darryl Harris see Daryl Harris
  • Darryl Weld see Ansel Rainier
  • Dave Logan a.k.a. David Logan videographies—Dave, David
  • David Bathory a.k.a. Mark Bloom videographies—Bathory, Bloom
  • David Logan see Dave Logan
  • Dennis Lincoln see Choice Thomas
  • Derek Cameron see Brett Vickers
  • Derek Michaels see Caesar
  • Derek Stanton a.k.a. Derrick Stanton videographies—Derek, Derrick
  • Derek Thomas see Brent Sawyer
  • Derrick Hanson videography
  • Derrick Stanton see Derek Stanton
  • Devyn Foster a.k.a. Monte Fiero videographies—Foster, Fiero
  • Dex Westin a.k.a. Eric Marx videographies—Westin, Marx
  • Dillon Pierce a.k.a. Dylan Reece videographies—Pierce, Reece
  • Don Dawson a.k.a. Duncan Mills videographies—Dawson, Mills
  • Donnie Russo a.k.a. Donny Russo videographies—Donnie, Donny
  • Donny Russo see Donnie Russo
  • Doug McCall a.k.a. Steve Wright videographies—McCall, Wright
  • Drew Lead a.k.a. Drew Nolan videographies—Lead, Nolan
  • Drew Nolan see Drew Lead
  • Drew Peters a.k.a. Drew Stevens videographies—Peters, Stevens
  • Drew Stevens see Drew Peters
  • Duncan Mills see Don Dawson
  • Dylan a.k.a. Dylan Rage videographies—Dylan, Rage
  • Dylan Rage see Dylan
  • Dylan Reece see Dillon Pierce

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[edit] E

  • Eric Lange a.k.a. Erich Lange videographies—Eric, Erich
  • Eric Mann a.k.a. Erik Mann videographies—Eric, Erik
  • Eric Marx see Dex Westin
  • Eric Michaels a.k.a. Erik Michaels videographies—Eric, Erik
  • Eric Reins see Ace Hanson
  • Erich Lange see Eric Lange
  • Erik Kovac a.k.a. Erik Kovak videographies—Kovac, Kovak
  • Erik Kovak see Erik Kovac
  • Erik Mann see Eric Mann
  • Erik Michaels see Eric Michaels
  • Ethan Clarke see Austin Rhodes

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[edit] F

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[edit] G

  • Grant Fagan see Devon Adams
  • Grant Fagin see Devon Adams
  • Guy Philippe see Brock Mickford

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[edit] H

  • Hunter see Brent Cross

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[edit] I

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[edit] J

  • Jack Simmons see Buck Stradlin
  • Jay Heiss see Jason Hawke
  • Jay Renfro see Alistair Vogel
  • Jeremy Brooks see Blaine Bogart
  • Joey DeFalco a.k.a. York Powers: videographies—Powers, D'Falco
  • Jon Davis see Chris Hard
  • Jorge Martinez see Alec Martinez
  • Josef Cernan see Eric Flower
  • Joseph Yale see Joey Yale
  • Josh Evers see D.J. Himenez

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[edit] K

  • Ken Eastman see Brad Hanson
  • Kevin Bradley see Devon Adams
  • Kody Fields see Christopher Zale

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[edit] L

  • London Kane see Jordan Rivers, a.k.a. Julian

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[edit] M

  • Marcel Schlutt a.k.a. Ben Rodgers, Ben Rogers
  • Mark Bloom see David Bathory
  • Mark Jennings see Dan Parks
  • Martin Karvina see Cage Kajc
  • Mary Jim Sstunning see Christopher Pace
  • Matias Mayer see Carey Lexes
  • Michael Fallon see Andy Hunter
  • Michael Raymond see Brian Estevez
  • Michael Wayne see Brian Estevez
  • Mike Dodge see Chris Hard
  • Mike Chavez see Miguel Lopez
  • Mike Gray see Chris Gray
  • Mike Lamas see Miguel Lopez
  • Miro Lauko see Eric Flower
  • Monte Fiero see Devyn Foster

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[edit] N

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[edit] O

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[edit] P

  • Paul Morgan see Chris Hard
  • Paul Smith see Chris Hard
  • Perry Hauser see Chuck Barron
  • Philip Simcik see Austin Rhodes

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[edit] Q

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[edit] R

  • Rafael see Brock Mickford
  • Raphael Leban see Brock Mickford
  • Ray DeVasquez see Eric Moreno
  • Richard French see Daniel Brown
  • Rick Long see David Burrill
  • Rich Merritt see Danny Orlis
  • Robbie Masters see Adam Kubick
  • Rusty Jeffers see Carl Hardwick
  • Ryan Edwards see Beau Beaumont

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[edit] S

  • Scorpion see Brian Stinger
  • Scott Burton see Chris Hard
  • Shawn McIvan see Brian Hawks
  • Steve Walker see Frank Miller
  • Steve Wright see Doug McCall

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[edit] T

  • Tony Bandanza see Christopher Ash

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[edit] U

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[edit] V

  • Vilem Cage see Cage Kajc
  • Vince Harrington see Lana Luster
  • Virgil Cannon see Bam
  • Vitor Bressan see Lucas Magalhaes

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[edit] W

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[edit] X

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[edit] Y

  • York Powers see Joey D'Falco

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[edit] Z

  • Zachary (Zack) Alexander videographies—Zack, Zachary
  • Zoltan K. see Frank Miller
  • Zoly Miklos (Mirlos) see Frank Miller

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[edit] References

Retail websites provide a videography by listing videos for sale in which a performer appears. A search on the performer's name is required. Due to the adult nature of the sites, an adult verification portal may appear.

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