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Between 1925 and 1945, the German SS grew from a mere 8 members to over a quarter of a million Waffen-SS members and well over a million members of the Allgemeine-SS. The following list of SS personnel indicates a few of the SS members who were the most famous, influential, and sometimes notorious members of the organization.


[edit] Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, as the Führer of Germany, was by default the supreme commander of the SS and outranked Heinrich Himmler. In February of 1925, Hitler appointed himself SS Member #1 thus, by the seniority system of SS membership numbers, this made Hitler senior in the SS to all other members. Hitler, however, never referred to himself by an actual SS rank nor is there any photographic record of Hitler wearing an SS uniform.

[edit] SS Generals

Rank Insignia
Der Oberste Fuhrer der SS {No Insignia}
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Adolf Hitler Der Oberste Fuhrer der SS from 1925-1945 1 February 1925 555
Julius Schreck First Reichsfuhrer SS
Hitler's chauffer
Later Held ranks of SS Standartenfuhrer and SS-Oberfuhrer
posthumously awarded SS Brigadefuhrer and SS Ehrenfurher of SS Regiment "Munich"
5 1925 53
Joseph Berchtold Second Reichsfuhrer of the SS
August 1923 750
Erhard Heiden Third Reichsfuhrer of the SS
Heinrich Himmler Reich Leader of the SS and Chief of German Police
Minister of the Interior
Chief of the replacement Army
168 February 1925 14303
Karl Hanke Last Reich Leader of the SS 203013 25 February 1934 102606

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Kurt Daluege Commander of the Ordnungspolizei 1119 1928 31981
Sepp Dietrich Commander of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and later 6.SS-Panzerarmee 1177 5 May 1928 89015
Paul Hausser Commander of the II.SS-Panzerkorps 239795 February 1934 4158779
Franz Xaver Schwarz NSDAP Treasurer 38500 16 September 1931 6

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Max Amann Honorary SS Member 53143 3
Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski Higher SS and Police Leader of Central Russia 9831 489101
Gottlob Berger Commander of the SS-Hauptamt 275991 426875
Werner Best Reich Plenipotentiary of Denmark 23377 341338
Wilhelm Bittrich Waffen SS combat commander - II.SS Panzerkorps 39177 1934 829700
Ernst Wilhelm Bohle Leader of the Nazi Party Foreign Organization - NSDAP/AO 276915 13 Sept 1933 999185
Philipp Bouhler Head of the T4 Program 54932 12
Martin Bormann Secretary of the Nazi Party 555 September 1929 60508
Franz Breithaupt Commanding General of the SS and Police Courts 39719 602663
Walter Buch Chairman of the Inquiry and Mediation Board 81353 7733
Richard Walther Darre First Commander of the SS Race Office 6882 248156
Otto Dietrich Honorary SS Rank 101349 126727
Joachim Albrecht Eggeling Gauleiter of Saxony and Anhalt
High President of Merseburg
186155 1935 11579
Theodor Eicke Commander of the Totenkopf Division 2921 August 1930 114901
Karl Fiehler Lord Mayor of Munich 91724 31 July 1933 37
Karl Hermann Frank Higher SS and Police Leader of Bohemia and Moravia 310460 6600002
Herbert Otto Gille Waffen SS Commander 39854 537337
Arthur Greiser Gauleiter of Reichsgau Wartheland 10795 1929 166635
Wolf-Heinrich Graf Von Helldorf Not member of SS but wore SS Obergruppenfuhrer uniform as a Policepresident of Berlin None
August Heissmeyer Commander of the SS Education Department 4370 21573
Rudolf Hess Also Deputy Fuhrer of the NSDAP 50 1 November 1925 16
Konrad Henlein Gauleiter of the Sudetenland 310307 6600001
Maximilian von Herff Commander of the SS Personnel Department 405 894 1 April 1942 8858661
Reinhard Heydrich Chief of the RSHA; president of Interpol 10120 14 July 1931 544916
Hermann Hoefle 463903 3924970
Ulrich Greifelt Reich Commissioner for the Strengthening of Germanism 72909 1667407
Friedrich Jecklen Higher SS and Police Leader of Eastern Russia 4367 12 January 1930 163348
Hans Juttner Commander of the SS-Fuhrungshauptamt 264497 541163
Ernst Kaltenbrunner Second Commander of the RSHA 13039 300179
Hans Kammler Head of V-2 program 113 619 20 May 1933 1011855
Matthias Kleinheisterkamp 132399 January 8, 1934 4158838
Friedrich Wilhelm Kruger Higher SS and Police Leader of Poland 6123 February 1931 3995130
Walter Kruger Commander of :
4th SS Panzer Grenadier Polizei
2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich
IV SS Panzer Corps
VI SS Panzer Corps
266184 3991530
Hans Lammers Honorary SS Rank 118404 1010355
Werner Lorenz Commander of the Office of Ethnic Germanization 6636 1931 337994
Artur Phleps Commander of the 7.SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division Prinz Eugen 401214
Oswald Pohl Commander of the SS Economics and Administration Office (WVHA) 147614 1933 30842
Joachim von Ribbentrop Nazi Foreign Minister 63083 February 1938 1199927
Ernst Sachs 278781 4167008
Fritz Sauckel Honorary SS Rank 254890 1395
Paul Scharfe Commander of the SS Legal Office
Julius Schaub Co-founder of the SS, Personal assistant to Hitler 7 February 1925 81
Oskar Schwerk 276825 5420196
Fritz von Scholz Commander of Nordland Waffen-SS volunteer formation
Arthur Seyss-Inquart Commander of the Austrian SS, Deputy Governor General of Poland 292771 6270392
Felix Steiner Commander of III.(gemanisches) SS-Panzerkorps 253351 4264295
Dr. Heinrich Von Maur 5890310
Prince Josias zu Waldeck und Pyrmont 2139 160025
Karl Wolff Chief of Staff to Heinrich Himmler and Supreme SS and Police Leader of Italy 14235 7 October 1931 695131
Udo Von Woyrsch 3689 162349

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Amin al-Husayni Reported SS Honorary Rank {unconfirmed}
Albert Ritter Von Beck 153322 1937 5354436
Karl Brandt Hitler's physician
Dr. Carl Clauberg Involved in human experiments 23876 21635
Hermann Fegelein SS-Cavalry General, Brother-in-law to Eva Braun
Bruno Erich Alfred Freyberg Oberburgermiester of Leipzig
Odilo Globocnik Higher SS and Police Leader of the Adriatic Region
Richard Glucks Inspector of Concentration Camps/Amt D WVHA 58706 1932 214805
Wilhelm Harster GeneralLieutnant of Police 225932 9 Nov 1933 3226594
Otto Hofmann Head of RuSHA 1943
SS and Police Leader Southwest Germany
7646 1931 145729
Wilhelm Friedrich Loeper Honorary rank
Heinrich Muller Commander of the Gestapo 107043 20 April 1934 533199
Artur Nebe Commander of the Kriminalpolizei 280152
Otto Ohlendorf Commander of the Inland-SD 1926 6631
Heinz Reinefarth Waffen-SS General
KArl Gustav Sauberzweig 2nd Commander of 13th Waffen SS Division
Jurgen Stroop SS and Police Leader of Warsaw 1932

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Leon Degrelle See explanation on this rank for Degrelle in wikipedta article None 1 June 1943 None
Anton Dunckern Also Generalmajor der Poliezi 3526 315601
Heinz Jost SD Commander & Commander of Einsatzkommando A
Bronislaw Kaminski Commander of Kaminski Brigade
Kurt Meyer Waffen SS divisional commander
Wilhelm Mohnke Commander of the Reichs Chancellery defence during the Battle of Berlin 1 September 1931
Hans Nieland Lord Mayor of Dresden 61702 33333
Johannes Rattenhuber Commander of Hitler's SS Bodyguard Unit 52877 1 May 1933 3212449
Walter Schellenberg Commander of the Ausland-SD
Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche und Camminetz Heer Panzer General 82857 1405562
Bruno Streckenbach Involved with Gestapo and Einsatzgruupe;
commander of SS Cavalry Division
Otto Steinbrinck
Dr. Friedrich Weber Commander of the NSDAP Old Guard 265902 July 1934 15
Wilhelm Werner World War I war criminal;
member of Himmler's personal staff
9916 15 July 1931 332139
Karl Maria Wiligut Section VIII {Archives} RUSHA
Himmler's Personal Staff
September 1933

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Adolf Ax Waffen SS commander 3848 1 December 1930 378043
Rudolf Diels First Commander of the Gestapo 187116 April 1934 3955308
Eduard Deisenhofer Waffen SS combat commander
Oskar Dirlewanger Leader of Dirlewanger Brigade
Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche None 5643287
Georg Martin Waffen SS Commander 87679 5649799
Emil Maurice SS Member #2, credited with founding the SS 2 February 1925 39
Thomas Muller Waffen-SS combat commander
Freidrich Panzinger Chief Amt IV A RSHA;
Einsatzgruppe A;
Deputy Chief of Gestapo;
Chief Amt V RSHA
322118 5017341
Emanuel Schafer Einsatkommando/SD/Himmler personal Staff 280018 4659879
Julian Scherner SS and Police Leader of Kraków
Julius Schreck First Reich Leader of the SS 5 February 1925 53
Otto Steinhausl Leader of Interpol 292773 1938

[edit] SS Officers

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Gunter d'Alquen Chief of Propaganda OKW
Editor Schwartz Corps
connceted with SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers
8452 1931 66.689
Jakob Grimminger Leader of Standarten 1 and Bearer of the Blutfahne 135 25 February 1926 759
Karl Jaeger Commander of Einsatzkommando 3/Einsatzgruppe A. Author of infamous "Jaeger Report". 62823 1932 359269
Rudolf Lange SD Commander of Latvia, Commander Einsatzkommando A-2, Participant of Wannsee Conference 93501 1 March 1933 1159583
Dr. Wilhelm Pfannenstiel SS Physician at Belzec
Jochen Peiper "LSSAH" Commander of Kampgruppe Peiper {unit involved in Malmedy Massacre} 132496 16 Oct 1933
Wolfram Sievers Reich Manager of the Ahnenerbe and Director of its Institute for Military Scientific Research

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Hans Bissinger Commander of Field-Ersatz-Brigade 102
II. SS Panzer Corps
53698 1 April 1932 1200004
Leon Degrelle Belgian Waffen-SS Foreign Legion Commander None 1 June 1943 None
Adolf Eichmann Head of the Jewish Department of the Gestapo 45326 1 April 1932 889895
Dr. Walter Haensch RSHA I D-2
Sonnderkommando 4-B
252573 1 August 1935 537256
Wilhelm Hoettl RSHA
Head of Counter Intelligence for Central and South East Europe
2nd in command to Himmler representative in Hungary
309510 1938 6309616
Rudolf Hoss Commander of Auschwitz Concentration Camp 193616 20 September 1933 3240
Herbert Kappler Commander of SS and Police Forces in Rome, Italy 55211 8 May 1933 594899
Karl Rahm Commandant of Theresienstadt
Richard Schulze
AKA Richard Schulze-Kossens
Commander of SS Officer School Bad Tolz, Bavaria
Hans Seigling Also held rank as a Obersleutnant of the Schutzpolizei
Commander of German Police Battalion 57
Commander of Schuma Brigade Siegling
Last commander of 30th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (2nd Russian)
450.683 1940 3.279.337
Edmund Trinkl Oberregierungsrat RSHA Berlin
Dept I A 6
former member of Freikorps Van Epp and Roehm Reichsflagge

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Karl Boemelburg Gestapo Leader {France} 35898 892239
Wernher von Braun Allgemeine-SS Battalion Officer {ALso SS Horseriding Club } 185068 1933
Joseph Darnand French Waffen-SS Foreign Legion Commander
Hans Guenther Adolf Eichmann Deputy;
Brother of Rolf Gunther
290.129 119.925
Rolf Guenther Adolf Eichmann Deputy;
Brother of Hans Gunther
290.130 472.421
Hans Keiffer Deputy Gestapo leader {France} 280104 2632427
Dr. Werner Knab Gestapo Chief in Norway
Kdr der Sipo Lyons France
191584 1935 3269940
Horst Kopkow Counterintelligence;
Postwar employed by MI6
46034 1931 607161
Bernhard Krueger Leader of VI F4A {RSHA}
OPeration Bernhard
15429 528729
Dr. Ricard Edwin Mattel Gynecology, Kaisern Elisabethspital, Vienna 1940 4 Nov 1938 6212863
Alfred Naujocks SD Commando, Gleiwitz Strike Leader 624279 1930 or 1931 26246
Hermann Hofle Deputy head of the Aktion Reinhard programme 3924970
Adolf Shulz-Lenhardt Kriminalrat Hamm & Madgeburg 290716 5641530
Otto Skorzeny RSHA Commando Leader
Eduard Wirths Chief SS doctor (SS-Standortarztat) at the Auschwitz Extermination Camp
Gerald Krause Foreign Legion Commander 565 781 1940 67 324

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Klaus Barbie Head of the Gestapo in Lyon 1935
Amon Goth Commander of the Plaszow Labor Camp 43673 1930 510764
Karl Hass SD; particpant in Ardeatine Caves Massacre; 1934
Josef Mengele Chief Medical Officer of main infirmary camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau 3177885 May 1938 5574974
Peter Neumann Captain of the 5th Viking Division, Wrote The Black March 1939
Erich Priebke SD and Sicherheitspolizei Commander in Rome, Italy
Eduard Roschmann Commandant of Riga Ghetto/K-z 1938
Fritz Woehrn RSHA IVb4 280238 Sept 11, 1938 2863618

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Kurt Gerstein Author of the Gerstein Report 10 March 1941
Willy Hund Waffen SS
Knight's Cross holder
391949 3 April 1939 None
Leo John Deputy Commander of the Plaszow Labor Camp
Walter Scharpwinkel Gestapo Chief particpant in killing of Allied Pows {i.e The Great Escape} 290803 1053578

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Paul Dickopf SD; postwar president of Interpol 337259 1937
Heinz Felfe SD Switzerland and Netherlands; postwar KGB spy in British Intelligence and CIA sponsored 1936
Benson Freeman British Defector and SS Propaganda Officer
SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers
Martin James Monti USA Deserter and SS Propaganda Officer
SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers
Reimond Tollenaere Belgian Foreign Legion Waffen-SS Officer
Hanns-Martin Schleyer Leader of board of Zentralverband der Industrie in Prague 221714 30 June 1933

[edit] SS Non-Commissioned Officers

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Lorenz Hackenholt SS-NCO in charge of gassing at Belzec Concentration Camp 1933 1727962
Gustav Wagner Head SS-NCO of Sobibor Concentration Camp

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Ernst Barkmann Waffen-SS Panzer Ace
Franz Buerkl
{See Pawiak}
Deputy Commander/Sadistic executioner at Pawiak Prision Warsaw POland
Heinrich Harrer Austrain Mountainer & Explorer in Tibet
Eric Muhsfeldt Senior NCO of the Auschwitz Sonderkommando
Karl Silberbauer Vienna Gestapo;
SD at The Hague;
arrested Anne Frank

Rank Insignia
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Albert Hujar Staff NCO of Plaszow Labor Camp

[edit] SS Soldiers

Rank Insignia
Anwarter {No Insignia}
Bewerber {SS Uniform without Insignia}
Name Position SS Number Entry into SS Nazi Party Number
Josef Bloesche Member of SD; involved in suppression of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 314655 6547348
Alfred Krupp SS sponsorship member;
Arms/Steel industrialist/
Colonel in NSFK {Nazi Flying Corps}
None 1934 6989627
Josef Oberle Dutch SS Guard at K-Z Amersfoort
Berend Johan Westerveld Dutch SS Guard at K-Z Amersfoort
Eric Pleasants British Defector and member of the SS British Freikorps. {British Free Corps} None 1940 None
Sebastian Schmid Driver at K-Z Dachau
War Crimes Defendant
Albert Speer Reichminister for Armaments and War Production 46 104 20 July 1942 474 481

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S.S. Officer Service Recordss, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland

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