Jule Huffman

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Jule Huffman (born 1923) is a retired American announcer, singer, and weather man for WSAZ in Huntington, West Virginia. Huffman also worked in Cincinnati, Ohio and Ashland, Kentucky performing similar duties early in his career. Huffman is probably best-known as the host of children's programs on the station, most notably Mr. Cartoon. Huffman retired from WSAZ in May 1995, at the age of 72. Huffmann was originally employed by WSAZ as a singer for a locally produced television program shown on the station and used as a fill-in between the NBC affiliate's national programming. As syndicated programs became available, the need for locally produced programming diminished, and Huffmann assumed other TV assignments at the station. He is a still very much a local celebrity in the Tri-State (Eastern Ky., So. Ohio, West Va.) area, which is the 61st largest TV market in the nation, and has been credited as playing a major role in the development of the station and its enormous popularity. WSAZ's ratings are higher than all the other nationally affiliated stations in the market combined. Being a natural music talent, he graduated from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and has even performed the national anthem at a Cincinnati Reds game. He served as a weather man on the station's news broadcasts for the last 20+ years of his career, and in the Mr. Cartoon role, which he still reprises occasionally for the station.