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Ion Davidov
Ion Davidov

Ion Davidov (also known as Pieter Gierek) is a Romanian-born gay porn model who appears in many Eastern European productions, particularly those of Bel Ami. He is best-known for his appearances in Frisky Summer and Lucky Lukas. He has a lean, muscular body and a larger-than-average 7 inch uncircumcised penis.


[edit] Early life

Ion Davidov, was born on 15 December 1974 in a small town outside Bucharest, Romania. He was the middle child, having an older and younger brother. Ion's childhood was not a happy one. Growing up in the shadow of the legacy of Nicolae Ceauşescu, the former Communist dictator of Romania, was difficult for Ion. Because of his appearance, having earrings and long hair, and his free spirit, Ion met hostility from police, family, and others early on. He was often harassed by authorities for daring to step outside the defined parameters of Ceauşescu's Romania.

Additionally, sexuality was highly repressed in Romania, a fact that young Ion found very difficult. Any talk about sex and sexuality was a social taboo, even after Ceauşescu's death. The first mention of sex in Ion's life was when he, and a few of his friends, watched an adult video together when he was about ten years old. Moreover, "until May, 1988," Davidov recalls in an interview, "it was illegal to be homosexual [in Romania], and you could be jailed for it. Also, pornography was illegal until last year. It was a holdover from the Ceauşescu time, which was very repressive."

Finally, at the age of fifteen, after finishing the eighth grade, the "mentality of the government" forced Ion to leave Romania. From there he went to Budapest, Hungary to find work, but mostly found a more open society. It was, for Ion, "a different world" than from where he had come, such that years later he remembered thinking, "How can it be possible — just 250 kilometers and everything is different?"

It was in Budapest, moreover, that Ion "changed [his] mentality and everything," as he would later recall in an interview. He added that "I was free all the time. Nobody was looking for me like, 'What are you doing now?' So, I was free. We went almost every day to the discotheque — we partied almost every day." It was in Budapest that Ion had his first sexual experiences, the first with a woman he described as a "tramp", and the second with his girlfriend at the time, who he lived with and had "sex every day two or three times".

Ion has not revealed when his first gay sexual experience took place.

[edit] Career

Gangbangers cover.
Gangbangers cover.

While in Budapest, Ion first worked in construction, building houses. After living in Budapest for a while, Ion was approached, while out with one of his friends, by a man who told him "If you want, you can call this number and somebody can talk with you about work." When he called the number, he and his friend were asked if they wanted "to work as models, for like, photo stuff." Eager for the opportunity, Ion said "Yes". He did not know that this would launch his porn career.

The work that Ion was offered was for Kristen Bjorn, who was looking for models to perform in some of his films. Ion was hired to perform in The Vampire of Budapest. As Ion later recalled, "it was a huge episode in a public bathhouse with many models. I was really just an extra in that scene. Kristen asked me if I would suck cock — if not, someone would suck me. And I said, "No, I don't suck anyone. Just if they suck me, it's okay. If not, I don't work." And he said, "Okay." And this was my first film experience."

Ion's experience with homosexuals was not extensive at this point. As he recalled in an interview, "I don't think I met any homosexuals in Romania, because it was illegal and dangerous for anyone to reveal himself. But the first one I remember meeting was in Budapest," which was one of Bjorn's employees.

Despite this (alleged) unfamiliarity with gay people and gay sex, Ion took to the screen and to filmed sex quite naturally, which is one of the qualities that has been attracting fans ever since -- that and his incredible unfailing erection. Perhaps this is because of his views on sex. In a Manshot magazine interview, Ion said, "I think sex is the most important thing in the world.... I think sex is the most important thing in every relationship." He also added that "Fucking is my favorite thing. I don't have problems with my erections, so if I have to fuck, I fuck. If I have to get sucked, I get sucked. It's fun."

When preparing to film, Ion finds that the situation is improved when he and those he performs with have something in common. As he said in an interview, "It's easiest when my partner and I have some shared interests." He uses the commonality between he and his partner to break the ice and create the necessary connection to establish the ease he exhibits in front of the camera. What Ion really enjoys in his performances is "the foreplay and the non-sexual situations", which is clear from his whole approach to being filmed.

Ion's "big break" came when he was 20 years old and was discovered by Bel Ami director George Duroy. He was cast in the 1995 film entitled The Gangbangers with Alexander Strauss and Alan Greksa. In this film, he had long hair, which he cut during the filming of his second film. He was also going under the name "Pieter Gierek" (perhaps his real name).

After The Gangbangers, Ion was next given the starring role in the 1996 fan favorite Frisky Summer. In this, Ion notably worked with Daniel Valent, and one of Bel Ami's other superstars, Johan Paulik. To ease the situation and create a bond between himself and his partners, Ion employed his "method". With Daniel Valent, Ion playfully teased him, saying that Valent "gave me a better blowjob than any girl ever did." With Johan Paulik, the chemistry developed over rollerblade lessons, in which Paulik was teaching Ion how to rollerblade - thus the "rollerblade scene" in the film. The three-way scene between Ion, Kristian Jensen, and Milos Janek is also a notable one among fans. To break the ice, Ion learned Slovak from Kristian and Milos, who taught him to first say "Give me dog food in my bowl under the table", along with all the "dirty words" they could think of.

In 1996, Ion also starred in three more films, Lukas' Story 3, Out At Last, and Frisky Summer 2. In the first two, we find Ion's first appearances with Lukas Ridgeston, another of Bel Ami's superstars. According to Ion, he and Lukas hit it off right from the start. However, they "couldn't agree on who would be the bottom", so in these they "shared another boy". In Out At Last, Ion and Lukas "shared" Daniel Valent. In Frisky Summer 2, Ion performed with Dano Sulik. According to Ion, he and Dano are a lot alike, particularly in their views on sex. In his interview with Manshots, Ion said that his performance with Dano "was probably the most spontaneous sex I have ever had on camera." In Lukas' Story 3, a threesome in which Lukas and Ion share Daniel Valent, was cut, but appeared in Out At Last: Souvenirs (1997).

In 1997, Ion had two notable performance, but one that was not seen until 1998. Ion appeared in Wide Open in this year, which starred Andrej Volek, Sebastian Bonnet, Jiri Lubov, Ivo Svoboda, Peter Svanka, Hans Koloman, Gynt Klein, Josef Beniak, Roman Paulik, Oto Burian, Matus Otava, Kristof Junas, Kristian Jensen and Alexander Strauss. Ion's other 1997 role was in Bel Ami's masterpiece, An American in Prague, starring Johan Paulik, Chance, Karl Tenner, Gerard Kilian, Sergei Grigoriev, Janos Fekete, Sascha Fetisov, Dominik Filla, Adam Jannin and Nikolas Vernant. In this, Ion and Chance performed in a "mutual blowjob" scene, with no anal sex because, as Ion put it in a later interview, "Chance is only a top [and] his dick is too big for me to let him fuck me." (According to this same interview, Chance was Ion's first American sexual partner.) However, the scene was deleted from the final cut. A "softcore" version of the scene was released in 1998 in Johan's Big Chance. When Bel Ami released the DVD version of An American in Prague this deleted scene was added as a special feature.

In 1998, Ion starred in two films, Frisky Summer 3 and Lucky Lukas. In Frisky Summer 3, Ion performed in a four-way with Karl Tenner, Erik Kovac and Sergei Grigoriev.

Since his début in Frisky Summer, Ion's fans had wondered if they would ever see Ion bottom for another performer. In Lucky Lukas, fans were not disappointed. According to an interview prior to the film, Ion characterized his decision in the following way: "Lukas and I have finally made a compromise — we will fuck each other in an upcoming film."

The last known film of Ion Davidov was Teamplay, which was released in 2000. The film shows Ion with a few of his friends celebrating his birthday. Since this, Ion has been inactive in the gay porn world. In 2001, Bel Ami released All About Bel Ami, which features behind the scene footage that includes Ion. In 2003, Bel Ami also released Out At Last 4: Bazaar, which includes, at the very end, previously unreleased footage with Ion and Dano Sulik, that was originally intended for Frisky Summer 2.

Ion may have also appeared in Zoltan, which stared Robert Zoltan, Szolt, Istvan, Tibor and Akus, as well as in Out At Last 3: Cocktails.

Ion Davidov is now one of Bel Ami's classic models, and an icon in gay porn. Ion is easily identifiable in his roles for the spider-web tattoo easily visible on his right shoulder, and the scorpion tattoo just below his waist. When asked about his tattoos in an interview, Ion replied: "I always wanted one, but it was a totally impulsive thing when I finally did it. I went into a tattoo shop, and there was a price list. I only had enough money for one little scorpion, so that's the one I got first. Then as I got more money, I got the one on my shoulder—the spider web. Now I have a tattoo machine, and I make extra money doing tattoos for others."

Today, Ion resides in Western Europe. Although he returns to his native homeland, Romania, to visit his family, he does so cautiously. As he noted in his Manshots interview, "Now, I'm afraid to go home. Recently, the police raided my house without any warrant. My mother let them in, although she didn't have to. They searched my room and found a tear-gas pistol and also some pornography. It is not illegal to have these things, but the police confiscated them anyway and gave my mother a hard time."

[edit] Statistics

  • Astrological sign: Sagittarius
  • Height: 1.80 m (about 6 ft)
  • Weight: 75 kg (about 165 lbs)
  • Hair: Light brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Preference: Gay; top position
  • Status: Inactive with Bel Ami

[edit] Videography (incomplete)

  • The Gangbangers, 1995
  • Frisky Summer, 1996
  • Lukas' Story 3, 1996
  • Out At Last, 1996
  • Frisky Summer 2, 1996
  • Wide Open, 1997
  • Frisky Summer 3, 1998
  • Lucky Lukas, 1998
  • Teamplay, 2000
  • All About Bel Ami, 2001
  • Out At Last 4: Bazaar, 2003

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