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Dr. Claw
Dr. Claw

Dr. Claw is a partially-seen character who is the main villain in the animated television series Inspector Gadget. He runs a criminal syndicate called "M.A.D." (Mean And Dirty), whose mascot is an evil cat named "MAD Cat" (which he keeps by his side). His hideout is usually in an old castle in Transylvania with a thunderstorm brewing outside. Dr. Claw's plans would be foiled in every episode, forcing him to flee in his versatile black and red vehicle called the Clawmobile - also known as the MADmobile (which could fire missiles and change into a car, jet or submarine). While escaping he would yell his catch phrase: "I'll get you next time, Gadget!... Next time!" —, or some variation, which was followed by MAD Cat's signature yowl and hiss.


[edit] Education

Dr. Claw received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison (1960), and his Medical Doctor degree from Harvard Medical School (1965).

[edit] Face

Though Dr. Claw's metallic hands and arms are often seen, his face is always just out of shot in the series. The device frequently used was to block his face by the back of a chair with the M.A.D. logo on it. This spoofs the cat-stroking James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who was initially only portrayed as fore-arms and hands, with the rest of the body obscured. (M.A.D. is also a play upon Blofeld's SPECTRE.)

Dr. Claw's face was ultimately revealed in non-canon sources such as licensed action figures and a Nintendo video game, which depicted him as an aging scientist with bushy whitish hair and a permanent scowl on his face. In the 1999 live-action movie remake, Dr. Claw was fully visible with the appearance of a middle-aged businessman, and portrayed by Rupert Everett. The direct-to-video sequel released in 2003 portrayed Dr. Claw as more like his cartoon counterpart, and he was played by Tony Martin. As revealed in the 1999 movie, Dr. Claw's real name is Sanford Scolex, and that Claw's cat is named Sniffy.

As some have noticed, the mad scientist in the credits for Robot Chicken looks much like the unmasked Dr. Claw toy.

[edit] Voice

In the original series, Frank Welker supplied Dr. Claw's low, ominous voice (and the MAD Cat's). Claw's voice is actually the unmodulated voice of Soundwave from the Transformers; this was revealed in a few episodes of Transformers when mistakes were made in the voice editing. In most episodes of Inspector Gadget, Dr. Claw's voice is given a lot of reverberation. This makes sense, as it gives his voice a lot of power and menace. There are certain episodes where the reverberation effect is not used — the voice, consequentially, seems to lack its impact. Usage of the effect seem to depend on the episode, rather than Dr. Claw's environment in the scene, it therefore seems most likely to be due to inconsistency rather than an intentional change. In season 2, the effect isn't used at all.

Most of the dubbed, localized versions of the cartoon used voices similar to the original Claw's (sometimes, e.g. in the Polish version, even deeper), but in some countries, the Doctor's voice was quite different; in at least one dubbed version, he was actually speaking in a rather high pitched tone, much like a comical impotent villain.

In the episodes "Mad Trap", "Basic Training", "Gadget Goes West" and "The Coo-Coo Clock Caper", Frank Welker wasn't available to voice Doctor Claw, and was instead voiced by Greg Duffell. Fans of the show usually disliked Greg Duffell's Dr. Claw voice.

[edit] Personal life

In the 2000s follow-up cartoon series "Gadget and the Gadgetinis", more of Dr Claw's past was revealed (such as his first name being revealed as George) and the villain was given an extended family, including an equally evil brother, Dr. Thaw, and career-criminal parents - mother Marilyn and father Gordon Claw. As tradition dictated, the faces of Gordon and Thaw were kept hidden.

Then, in 2003's follow-up cartoon series "Go Go Gadgetini's", Dr Claw was given a girlfriend (or wife; their real relationship status is still unknown, even though she is seen to kiss him on various occasions) who was seen to work along side him, called Miss Molly. Also equally evil and cunning as he was, she was given the task of keeping the agents in check.

[edit] Henchmen

In the series, Claw's henchmen are the MAD agents. In Inspector Gadget, Claw's henchmen are Sikes and Kramer. In Inspector Gadget 2, Claw's henchmen are McKibble and Brick.

[edit] MAD Cat

Since the viewers never saw Dr. Claw's face (or his body) in the cartoon series, MAD Cat was another way to reinforce Dr. Claw's emotions. When Dr. Claw was happy, MAD Cat would laugh and snicker along with him, or for him. When Dr. Claw was angry, MAD Cat would follow through with his terrible yowl.

Dr. Claw showed great affection for MAD Cat, stroking the sinister feline often. This became a trademark of his on the show (other than his "hands" shtick, though the two are often indistinguishable). However, Dr. Claw was also sometimes an abusive pet owner, and would bully MAD Cat when he perceived the feline as annoying. In an episode that took place in the first season, Dr. Claw was depicted laughing over a triumph, and MAD Cat, in typical "copycat" manner, laughed along with him. Dr. Claw then demanded what the cat was laughing about, adding furiously, "I did all the work!" An episode or two later, Dr. Claw was engaged in tongue-lashing his minions. MAD Cat did the same. Dr. Claw again abused the cat and angrily growled out that he was that one who gave the orders. Sometimes MAD Cat didn't have to do anything at all to inspire punishment, and Dr. Claw's maltreatment was almost casual or even unnoticed and reckless on some level. In more than one episode Dr. Claw would simply slam down his fist, not caring where the cat was in his anger or if his pet would escape in time. (However, in one episode, MAD Cat was ready for him and glued his fist to the desk) Dr. Claw once broke MAD Cat's Inspector Gadget toy bank after Gadget foiled one of Dr. Claw's plots, and MAD Cat cried uncontrollably. In another, he simply caressed the feline's head until it hurt, with MAD Cat's expression betraying discomfort. MAD Cat always forgave Dr. Claw (often by the next scene).

Mad Cat does seem to understand English: in Launch Time, Mad Cat takes instructions from Dr. Claw and operates a the controls of the Mad Jet (firing a missile).

In an Inspector Gadget parody on the Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken, MAD Cat dies of feline leukemia. At the end of the show, Dr. Claw gives a eulogy for MAD Cat at the burial, but instead screams his trademark line, "Next time, Gadget, next time!"

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