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Diego Santoy Riveroll is a Mexican university student who is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Érika Peña Coss, and killing her two young siblings in the City of Monterrey on March 2, 2006. He was captured by police on March 7, 2006, at a roadblock in Oaxaca.


[edit] The Case

According to Érika, she had broken-up with Diego for personal reasons, but he kept calling and seeking her, unable to accept it. In March 2, 2006, she woke up early in the morning and found Santoy inside the house wearing a mask. She said he silenced her and started beating her with a hammer in the parietal. He told her he had already killed her two little siblings and the maiden was about to die from a drug overdose. He supposedly laid by her side, claiming he wanted to die next to her, but after thirty minutes nothing happened. This was later completely refuted by Diego himself. Then, he asked her to stab him, which she denied to do, so he threatened of killing her and then commiting suicide to "catch up" with her. He procceeded to stab her in the neck and the back. Érika was almost dead when Santoy left. Allegedly badly hurt- since later it was stated that her injuries were severe and required a six hour chirurgical intervention to save her life- she crawled to an office in the back of her house and asked the secretary to call for an ambulance. Diego had indeed killed her younger sister and brother and badly beaten the maiden. All this happened in a lapse of five hours, during which Azura, one of Érika's sisters, assured she didn't know what was going on. Nevertheless, that's not very likely, since it's been proved that if all the above facts had happenned, she would have listened. Four days later Santoy was captured by the police at Oaxaca, where he was found in a bus along with his brother.

When imprisoned, Santoy confessed to the murders confirming Erikas story. However, after a few weeks he said he was forced by the officers to make up the whole story. His version of the facts points Érika as the killer. According to Diego, he had a sexual encounters with Erika's mother. He also claimed that Erika's father offered him and his daughters marijuana. Another fact that he has mentioned is that he is sure the killed children were born to another man. That, along with many other accusations and rumors involving abortion and famil fights, which obviously expose the abnormal mental state of the exposer Santoy, have been made to accuse Erika as his complice. In his words, she wanted to kill her brothers in order to take revenge on her mother and because of material matters, since they were born to a multimillionarie man, owner of a television company. Santoy said she called him a day before and asked him to meet at he house at 4:00AM, as they usually did since her mother was out of town. Once there, she asked him for help to take reveng upon her mother by killing her little siblings. He related to the authorities the way she stabbed her little brother and asphyxiated her sister with a rope. After that, they made a "suicidal pact" which was violated by both. Erika allegedly asked Diego to kill her, kidnap the maiden who was locked in the bathroom at the moment and kill himself by throwing both himself and said maiden from the Puente Atirantado. He tried to hit her in the head with a hammer but hadn't the courage to hit her hard enough. Then he "stabbed" her (Now it is known that her injuries were so grave that she most probably would have died) and was about to do as she told him. But once again he lacked the "courage" to kill the maiden and freed her from her imprisonment and even gave her change to take a bus.

[edit] Inconsistencies

Since the very begining of the Santoy case, it has been obvious that Diego is probably the only guilty one of the children's death. The public appearences of the Pena family revealed conducts typical for a "victim", as many psychologist have commented on the case. Many of them asseverate that in a case of that nature in which a surviving victim had a relationship with the aggresor , the reaction would be feeling angry against the aggressor. This was their current position.

In the other hand, the assertions they've made, such as Erika's father's affirmation of "Diego was crazy because of the stars" and "I saw it all coming and warned Erika; 'This boy is going to kill you' " weren't quite helpful. None of them has been seen as "trustworthy" in any of the interviews since they oftenly contradict eachother and themselves, specially in the timing matters, as Erika constantly changed her allegations as her previous ones claimed she woke up at 7:30AM, as opposed to her latest declarations that say it was at 12:00PM, the day of the crime.

Also, both Erika and the maiden claimed to have seen Diego holding a gun and having a mask covering his face. Neither the gun, the mask nor the actual weapons that were used have been found. Thus this, is the fact that a hit inflicted by a hammer should be able to kill someone, and someone cold enough to kill two defendless children should be able to kill the source of is assumed rage.

Another foremostly incongrous statement in all of her acknowlodgements is the appearence of the secretary. Erika firstly said that she "crawled" into her office -which was located in her house, as the secretary worked for Teresa Coss- and pleaded her to call an ambulance. Contrary to that, Diego aclared that he himself offeed Erika to call an ambulance when he was infructuously trying to kill her. Yet, the secretary told the authorities that Erika came "normally walking into her office" and "casually asked her to call an ambulance" and waited for it's arrival by herside, telling her supposed details on what had happened. It is also suspectful that she was already out of the hospital only thirteen days after the crime was committed.

In January 2007, Santoy confronted the whole Pena family, the maiden and the secretary during a trial. During said confrontations it was made public many of the above statements on the family life-style. Santoy once again accused her of being the killer and asked her family to tell the truth about the case. The Pena Coss family still denies the allegations and insist it was Diego who killed the children, while many local Santoy supporters gathered outside the prison, claiming he is innocent and denouncing Érika.

[edit] Rumours

Uncertain as it is, many people claim that the childen's mother, Teresa Coss has engaged in sexual relationships with influent people being Aldo Fasci, Assistant State Prosecutor, the most rumoured name.

[edit] Media attention

Santoy has gained notoriety due to high levels of media interest in the case and the even higher rarity of the case. He has been nicknamed el asesino de Cumbres (the murderer of Cumbres), Cumbres being the area of Monterrey where the killings happened.

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