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The Chaplain of the United States Senate opens each session of the United States Senate with a prayer. The Chaplain is appointed by majority vote of the members of the Senate.

The current Chaplain is Barry C. Black.

[edit] List of Senate chaplains

Chaplain Denomination Appointed
Samuel Provoost Episcopalian April 25, 1789
William White Episcopalian December 9, 1790
Thomas John Claggett Episcopalian November 27, 1800
Edward Gantt Episcopalian December 9, 1801
Alexander Thomas McCormick Episcopalian November 7, 1804
Edward Gantt Episcopalian December 4, 1805
John Johnson Sayrs Episcopalian December 3, 1806
A.T. McCormick Episcopalian November 10, 1807
Robert Elliott Presbyterian November 10, 1808
James Jones Wilmer Episcopalian May 24, 1809
Obadiah Bruen Brown Baptist December 5, 1809
Walter Dulaney Addison Episcopalian December 12, 1810
John Brackenridge Presbyterian November 13, 1811
Jesse Lee Methodist September 27, 1814
John Glendie Presbyterian December 8, 1815
Sereno Edward Dwight Congregationalist December 16, 1816
William Dickinson Hawley Episcopalian December 9, 1817
John Clark Presbyterian November 19, 1818
Reuben Post Presbyterian December 9, 1819
William Ryland Methodist November 17, 1820
Charles Pettit McIlvaine Episcopalian December 9, 1822
William Staughton Baptist December 10, 1823
Charles Pettit McIlvaine Episcopalian December 14, 1824
William Staughton Baptist December 12, 1825
William Ryland Methodist December 8, 1826
Henry Van Dyke Johns Episcopalian December 14, 1829
John Price Durbin Methodist December 19, 1831
Charles Constantine Pise Roman Catholic December 11, 1832
Frederick Winslow Hatch Episcopalian December 10, 1833
Edward Young Higbee Episcopalian December 23, 1835
John Reinhard Goodman Episcopalian December 28, 1836
Henry Slicer Methodist September 11, 1837
George Grimston Cookman Methodist December 31, 1839
Septimus Tustin Presbyterian June 12, 1841
Henry Slicer Methodist December 16, 1846
Clement Moore Butler Episcopalian January 9, 1850
Henry Slicer Methodist December 7, 1853
Henry Clay Dean Methodist December 4, 1855
Stephen P. Hill Baptist December 8, 1856
Phineas Densmore Gurley Presbyterian December 15, 1859
Byron Sunderland Presbyterian July 10, 1861
Thomas Bowman Methodist May 11, 1864
Edgar Harkness Gray Baptist March 9, 1865
John Philip Newman Methodist March 8, 1869
Byron Sunderland Presbyterian December 8, 1873
Joseph J. Bullock Presbyterian March 24, 1879
Elia DeWitt Huntley Methodist December 18, 1883
John George Butler Lutheran March 15, 1886
William Henry Milburn Methodist April 6, 1893
F.J. Prettyman Methodist November 23, 1903
Edward Everett Hale Unitarian December 14, 1903
Ulysses Grant Baker Pierce Unitarian June 18, 1909
F.J. Prettyman Methodist March 13, 1913
Joseph Johnston Muir Baptist January 21, 1921
ZeBarney Thorne Phillips Episcopalian December 5, 1927
Frederick Brown Harris Methodist October 10, 1942
Peter Marshall Presbyterian January 4, 1947
Frederick Brown Harris Methodist February 3, 1949
Edward L.R. Elson Presbyterian January 9, 1969
Richard C. Halverson Presbyterian February 2, 1981
Lloyd John Ogilvie Presbyterian March 11, 1995
Barry C. Black Seventh-day Adventist July 7, 2003

[edit] Demographics

Episcopalian 19
Methodist 17
Presbyterian 13
Baptist 6
Unitarian 3
Congregationalist 1
Lutheran 1
Roman Catholic 1
Seventh-day Adventist 1
Total Christian 62
Other religions 0
Total 62

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