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Burnside, Nova Scotia
Municipality: Halifax Regional Municipality
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Burnside Park map
Burnside Park map

Burnside is an business park and neighbourhood located in the Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia's Halifax Regional Municipality.

Officially still termed a dispersed rural community, Burnside has been the location of a major concentration of industry and commercial development since the 1970s with the establishment of an industrial park, since converted to a business park. There are very few residential dwellings in Burnside as it is used almost exclusively for commercial operations.


[edit] Burnside Park

Burnside Park, formerly known as Burnside Industrial Park and later Burnside Business Park, is a major commercial and industrial development located in the northeastern part of Dartmouth of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

It encompasses about 2400 acres of land beside the Bedford Basin, in Dartmouth near the MacKay Bridge. 17,000 people regularly work in the area. It is home to well over 1400 enterprises.

A wide variety of businesses are located in Burnside, mostly specializing in sales, manufacturing, electronics, transportation, and services. The park is comprised mostly of low-rise office buildings.

Its location has played a large role in its success. The construction of the MacKay bridge resulted in a boom of development in the area, since it provided a quick link to downtown Halifax, the Ceres (aka. Fairview Cove) container terminal, the Halterm/south end container terminal, as well as many residential areas in the north end and Clayton Park, where many of the park's employees live. It is also located at the terminus of four highways: Highway 101 (via Windmill Road Highway 7 and Bedford Bypass), Highway 107, Highway 111 and Highway 118 via Highway 107.

It was also notably home to the first IKEA store in North America.

Due to the size and nature of the park, there are several hotels oriented towards business travellers located within its boundaries, including a Ramada, a Future Inn, and a Comfort Inn.

The park includes the smaller City of Lakes business office park.

Burnside Business Park is beginning a major expansion as of 2006, which includes the development of the massive Dartmouth Crossing retail and office development.

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[edit] Major companies located in Burnside/City of Lakes

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