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Andrea Brooke Ownbey "Miss Howard Stern"

Andrea "Miss Howard Stern" Ownbey
Born: February 28, 1983 (age 24)
Dalton, Georgia, USA
Occupation: Entertainer
Children: daughter named Beyoncé

Andrea Brooke Ownbey is a former stripper from Georgia who won the title Miss Howard Stern in 2002. Andrea was home schooled from the age of 15. She currently lives in Georgia with her father. She has a high-pitched baby-like voice, her "thank you" catch phrase is often played on the Howard Stern Show, and the cast and crew of the Stern Show often highlight her low intelligence by asking her general knowledge questions. Andrea has claimed to suffer from chronic depression and low self-esteem. She is a part of Howard Stern's Wack Pack. Ownbey was married on January 10, 2007 and claims to have filed for divorce less than a month later on February 6, a claim her husband disputes.[1]


[edit] 2002

Andrea first appeared on the Howard Stern Show on January 22, 2002, when she was dubbed "The World's Dumbest Stripper." Howard asked her general knowledge questions and she got 2 out of 8 correct. In this appearance, Andrea also demonstrated her table dancing skills for Howard.

Andrea was invited to Las Vegas where she won the title "Miss Howard Stern" in a contest on February 8, 2002 during the Howard Stern Show broadcast from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

On May 16, 2002, Andrea again lost in a general knowledge quiz on the Howard Stern Show, this time against an 11-year-old boy.

[edit] 2003

On March 26, 2003, Andrea appeared on the Stern Show and revealed that she entices older men into paying her bills. Andrea also revealed that she had a daughter when she was 16, saying her then-boyfriend used protection but that it didn't work. She said she became depressed during the pregnancy, because she didn't want to get fat.

On October 17, 2003, Andrea was slated to play the "Smartest Stripper Contest" on the Howard Stern Show but never showed. KC Armstrong, then-Stern Show producer, said that she was out drinking until 5 in the morning.

On October 20, 2003, Andrea competed in a preliminary round of the "Smartest Stripper Contest", which she won. Her leg was in a cast - she said she kept hurting her feet and toes running into things. She also said she was on antidepressants, which had greatly intensified the effects of the alcohol she had drunk the Friday before at Scores.

On November 4, 2003, Andrea came in to compete in a semi-final round of the "Smartest Stripper Contest", which she lost. Andrea talked to Howard about the horrible headaches she has had for the past two years. Andrea said that she doesn't like dancing anymore and that she wants to be an actress. Stern Show producer Gary Dell'Abate told Howard that Andrea once gave him a great lap dance.

[edit] 2004

On February 12, 2004, Andrea was given a written IQ test to complete just prior to appearing on the Howard Stern Show. On the show, she said that she had guessed at many of the answers; KC Armstrong said that she didn't provide any answer for 20 of the questions. She received a score of 88. Howard said that he had heard that Andrea had a crush on someone but she wouldn't say who it was. The other Stern Show staff members thought it was KC, but Andrea was too embarrassed to say. Howard told KC to ask Andrea out on a date, but KC declined, further fueling speculation among the cast that KC was gay.

On March 17, 2004, Andrea appeared on the Howard Stern Show and competed in a general knowledge quiz against Evan Marriott from the TV show Joe Millionaire. Andrea lost. Howard then further probed Andrea about her crush on KC. Howard tried to get KC and Andrea to go out together, but neither agreed.

In May 2004, Andrea appeared at the Howard Stern Show broadcast from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Andrea said that she was on a diet and taking TrimSpa. As part of the Vegas special, Andrea sat in one of the squares in the HollyWEIRD Squares game on May 12, 2004. Howard asked Andrea why she was crying during the break, but she denied that anything was wrong. (Later, she said she was sad because KC wasn't there in Vegas for the Stern show.) Howard asked Andrea to spell 'imbecile' - she spelled it 'IMBESOLE'. On May 14, 2004, again as part of the Vegas special, Andrea competed against fellow Wack Packer Beetlejuice in a general knowledge quiz for a chance to win $2,000. Andrea lost, but she was given a $1,000 casino chip.

On September 21, 2004, Andrea appeared on the Howard Stern Show, saying she had just spent $16,000 to have porcelain veneers placed on all her teeth. She also had lip injections. Howard and Robin didn't like her new teeth, but Andrea said they make her feel more confident. Gary said that Andrea seems to have an unlimited amount of money but he's not sure where it comes from - he had seen her genuine Gucci luggage in the green room. Andrea said she had a secret boyfriend who died in August in a car accident. Zolar came into the studio and said that his wife wants to divorce him because she thinks that he slept with Andrea. Zolar also said that Andrea slept with a guy in Vegas with the name KC (not KC Armstrong). Zolar also said that Andrea's husband is a nigger because he doesn't help pay for his kid. Andrea told Howard that her daughter is white, as the father of the child is half-black.

[edit] 2005

On April 21, 2005, Andrea appeared on the Howard Stern Show and was very talkative. She said she was on pain medication and had been out the night before drinking. She also said she had gotten new breast implants three weeks earlier, her second set of implants, and that they were almost Double Ds. She also had her lips further injected. Howard told her that she should stop the plastic surgery. Howard asked Andrea about a 74-year-old man she's been dating. She said that he was just a friend but that he pays for things. Andrea had lost a lot of weight, she said because she hardly eats anything. Andrea said she found a job working at Hooters but got fired after one day for "causing too much attention". At Howard's request Andrea wore a bikini but wouldn't show her bare breasts. Howard then had Andrea don a t-shirt and remove her bikini top, after which Stern sidekick Artie used a super soaker water gun to soak her a la a wet T-shirt contest.

On July 21, 2005, Andrea appeared on the Howard Stern Show to play "Reject Jeopardy" against fellow Wack Packer Wendy the Retard. Andrea won with a score of 5-3 and received $5000. Andrea said she had worked at Scores for a few days while she was in New York City, in order to earn some money.

On December 16, 2005, Andrea attended Howard Stern's 'final show on terrestrial radio' rally in New York City. Andrea delivered a speech about Howard, saying it had been a privilege and an honor to have been Miss Howard Stern - though the speech was not fully broadcast because staff member Sal Governale's voice accidentally was being broadcast as well.

[edit] 2006

On May 23, 2006, Andrea appeared on the Howard Stern Show to promote an independent movie she acted in called 'Dorm of the Dead'. During the interview, she revealed she had sex "eight or nine times" with former Stern staff member KC Armstrong over the course of a weekend and ceased the relationship after KC's ex-girlfriend discovered it. She also drank Jack Daniel's whiskey during the interview, becoming noticeably drunk. She rode the Sybian in exchange for keeping her Miss Howard Stern title for an additional five years.

On July 24, 2006, Andrea appeared on the Howard Stern Show to sing a live duet with country singer-songwriter Trent Tomlinson. Tomlinson's song, Drunker Than Me, was previously sung karaoke-style by a drunken Andrea and has been frequently played on the show. Andrea revealed that her 6-year-old daughter's name is Beyoncé, perhaps inspired by Beyoncé Knowles. The staff found this particularly humorous given the fact that the father of Andrea's daughter is believed to be African American. Artie Lange suggested that Andrea would name her next child, Ludacris making reference to the African American rapper.

On October 19, 2006, Andrea called into the Howard Stern Show. She said she had attended rehab and was now drug-free, though she was still drinking. She told Howard that she won a custody battle for her daughter without a lawyer. Howard asked Andrea if she would like to be audiotaped while having sex with KC Armstrong. Andrea said she would like to be with KC again but that she didn't think that he would be up for it. Andrea told Howard she had made out with porn actress Ginger Lynn and how much she had enjoyed it. Gary Dell'Abate asked Andrea if she slept with Trent Tomlinson; Andrea said that she did have sex with him but that he would be upset with her for saying that. Howard called KC on-the-air and discussed plans to have the sounds of KC and Andrea's sexual intercourse recorded. KC wanted to give Andrea Anal Sex. KC's girlfriend Candle, hearing of the idea, vetoed it.

[edit] 2007

On February 7, 2007, Andrea appeared on the Howard Stern Show along with Crackhead Bob and Reverend Bob Levy to participate in the Porn Stars Vs. Slow Adults Game. (The porn stars won 6-4.) It was revealed that Andrea is still drinking and she has been in 13 car accidents (two of her teeth got knocked out in one accident). Staff member Benjy Bronk said that Andrea had asked him for coke in the green room. Andrea denied that and said that weed and alcohol are fine, but she's not looking to get coke. It was also revealed that Andrea got married on January 10, but she was getting a divorce because her husband allegedly is a mental case and obsessed fan, and she never loved him and she only wanted to get a ring. Later on in the show, Andrea's husband called in and spoke to Howard about his marriage and what Andrea had said about him.[2]

[edit] Memorable quotes

  • "Thank you."

[edit] References

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