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The Affero General Public License (or AGPL) is a free software license derived from the General Public License with an addition section to cover use over a computer network. It was written by Affero to allow the rights granted by the GPL to cover interaction with the copyrighted work over a network, such as the Internet, which the current version of the GPL (version 2) does not.

Colloquially the additional section requires that the complete source code be made available to any network user of the AGPLed work, typically a web application. For the legally precise description see the external link at the end of the article.

[edit] Relationship with the GPL

The AGPL was written with the approval of the Free Software Foundation, the organisation behind the GPL. However, the additional requirements of the license make it incompatible with the GPL version 2. This means that components covered by each license cannot be combined into a single work.

But the third discussion draft of the GPL version 3 (not official yet) includes a clause (section 13) that explicitly allows linking software licensed under GPLv3 with AGPL version 2 [1]. It is not certain (but very probable) that this section will make it to the final version of the license. AFGL is the only non-FSF license explicitly mentined in the draft.

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