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                COMPANY OVERVIEW
            Asia Tek is a forward thinking, innovative shoe sourcing company where we manufacture any type of footwear on behalf of household brands to their requirements. Founded in 2009 by Roger Denton and Bren Hanwell the company has gone from strength to strength, reaching out to big name brands worldwide.
            Asia Tek offers a one step solution for manufacturing your own brand. Our team in China offers everything from design to delivery.
            At the moment we have five main types of footwear we make:

            Safety Footwear – recognised to the European Standard of CE EN 20345. The company is forward thinking in its approach to this fast changing area of the Personal Protective Safety Market.

            Fashion – We provide many different constructions of shoes to clients from Vulcanized to Goodyear Welted Construction.

            Goodyear Welted – We have created a range where the quality matches that of the Northamptonshire shoe manufacturers.

            Sailing – We manufacture serious sailing footwear that has been used in events such as the Volvo Ocean Race.
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            聯 系 人: Emily.fu 聯系人職務: QC Manager
            公司規模: 50人以下 所在地區: 廣東 珠海
            聯系電話: [登錄后可查看] 傳真 [登錄后可查看]
            電子郵箱: [請通過系統發送求職意向] 公司主頁: [登錄后可查看]
            通訊地址: [登錄后可查看]
            乘車路線: [登錄后可查看]


            • 總機:020-34636641
            • 分機:020-34636643
            • 郵箱:2567694643@qq.com
            • 反饋:提交問題


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